Friday, November 8, 2013

Quicky, Tricky Decora Sticky!

Maaan, do I love Lolita... and the many subgenres of lolita. One of my favorites is DECORAAAAA

I love all the accessories and seeing how much people can cram on themselves, sadly I'm not the greatest at it, but it doesn't stop me from trying!!

I really hate that I feel like this post is rushed. Lovebug got today off and we're in the middle of looking for a new place to live so I've been cray crayyy. Not only that but we've been playing Path Of Exile on steam and fff it's so much fun. I decided to show off my decora look to show off a look as fun as I have when I'm playing with lovebug!

To let you get to picking things up and to get back to gaming myself


Body Stuffs;
Hoshi in Browns by Ploom

Clothing Stuffs;
::Body Suit::
My Sticky Candy Suit in Violet and Pink by Blah
Romantic Cardigan (short) in mint by Honey Kitty
The Lolits Blouse in Pink By Violent Seduction
Museum OP's skirt with 2 bows in Baby Blue by Honey Kitty
::Stockings 1::
2 tones simple leggings in Banana and Soda by Honey Kitty
::Socks 1::
Candy Socks 20 Secret by Honey Kitty !!Gacha!!!
::Socks 2::
More Girly Socks in Grape with a Banana ribbob by Honey Kitty
Candy Sneaker in Peach by Honey Kitty

(I love HK can you tell? ;A;)

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Accessory Bird::
Lil Tweet in Strawberry by Birdy
::Hair Accessory Wings & Ears::
Batty Headband in Mint by Forever Young
::Hair Accessory Eyeball Bow::
KyaryPonpon Alice Bow in Yellow/Blue by MidNette
::Hair Accessory Star Clip::
Shooting Stars Hair Clip in Purple and Blue by Witches & Rats
::Hair Accessory Winged Star::
Winged Star Hair Clip in Purple by Witches & Rats
::Hair Accessory Bubble Bows::
Candy Bow in.. uh.. every color..xD By LaViere
::Hair Accessory Bunny & Kitty Bows::
Kawaii Bunny and Kitty Bow in White by Sugar Nova
::Hair Accessory Pumpkin::
Painted Pumpkin in Pastel by Half Deer
::Hair Accessory Shooting Star::
Wish on me Hair Clip in Minty by Half Deer
::Eye Patch::
My Cupcake patch in Minty by Blah
Starry Night Blush in Berry Xtreme by Baby
Dolly Lips Lip Gloss in Pale Pink by Pink Acid
Flowered Collar in Pink by Zombie Suicide
::Necklace 1::
Marshmallow Fuit Necklace by Half Deer
::Necklace 2::
Potion Necklace #1 by Witches & Rats !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 3::
Pretty Lady Skull Necklace in Reused Green by Whippet & Buck
::Bracelets 1::
Urban Bracelets by Rotten Toe
::Bracelets 2::
Go Orange Awareness Wrist Band by Happy Face
::Bracelets 3::
80's Square Lepoard Bangles in Pink by Kitcsh Me
::Bracelets 4::
Studded Bracelet in Powder by Aux
::Bracelets 5::
Donut Bracelets by NoRe
::Ring 1::
Hello Bow in Yellow by Candy Doll
::Ring 2::
Bow Ring Rare 2 by Witches & Rats !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 3::
Ring Pop by Arduenn Schwartzman
::Ring 4::
Daisy Ring 16 by A:B
Dead Land KING Bunny (Rare) by Theater Chain !!Gacha!!!

Unicorn Clutch White by Off Beat !!Gacha!!!

Please note that this look was achieved because a lot of these creators were kind enough to leave their product MOD so I rezzed the hair, placed them all on it, linked them together, and then attached to the head and positioned them to look how I wanted. Same with necklaces, and bracelets. 



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