Thursday, November 7, 2013

CoAB 11!


I'm blogging with my SUPER CUTE ANDADORABLE Lili tomorrow, in a fun and super busy look.

Soso today you're getting two posts!!

To distract me over mourning the loss of lunch meats. LOL

So with this outfit the shirt under the dress is 20L which is more expensive than I like for my coabs but it comes in a bunch of colors.. 20 I think? So that's like 1L a shirt!! The shoes are super cute, and a little too bulky for my personal constant use tastes, but I was going for something really... like... I dunno simple and autumn cute esque? The only problem with the boots is that they attach to the lower leg and do not come with an alpha to cover the feet. I didn't not put on on myself because I don't believe in selling false advertisement. I mod things to look how I want, but I let it be known in the beginning of my blog that I'ma super modder and I have no problems helping others mod, as long as they don't super bother me. ;A; However I won't make something look awesome if it's messed up on it's own without letting you guys know. There is a free Alpha pack on the MP you can find, or use an alpha from other shoes to help erase your feet and then the boots are perfects!

Body Stuffs;
Rin II in Dark Browns by Taketomi

Eyes are back to TSG's Luminate. I know they're not free but don't worry you'll be getting a free eyes post soon just like I did a free skins post. D; <3

Clothing Stuffs;

Marta Dress by !gO!
::Under Shirt::
Basic Shirt Melinda Grey by Rhara
Autumn Tights in Grey by Kyoko Couture
(I love these, can't you tell? xD)
Uggy Boots in Grey by Fierce

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Big Bow Hairband by Y&R
(Resized, repositioned, and tinted to match)
::Necklace 1::
Colours Pearls Necklace by JA
::Necklace 2::
Treble Clef Necklace by Gitana's
Orange Bracelets by La Petite Perle
::Ring 1::
Sweeties Ring Toast :( by Axix
::Ring 2::
32 Square Ring by Edge Grafica
::Ring 3::
Ring Eternity
(Look up on MP. Was a freebie but is not showing an owner in properties)

That's the that!

There is the Kawaii Hunt going on, lovies! Get on it! I'll be blogging stuff from that next week! Same with the Dirty Pillows Hunt, for those of you into more naughty looks! 


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