Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ambrosia Romper!

I have been feeling REALLY pouty lately, and it made me wanna show off a look I made a while back that reminds me of how I feel I mentally look when I act like this.

I love this look because the romper is AMAZINGLY cute, and it looks a little youthful, fun, yet somehow a bit mature all at the same time. I really like being able to mix 'childish' things like rompers with mature looks. I see no reason why an 'age' should change what we can wear.


This week's CoaB looks awesome, andand I miiight have a friend doing it with me! You might get not only a coab but a twoferone. O:!!! Keep an eye out lovies. <3

Body Stuff;
Trixie in Mocha by Truth

Clothing Stuffs;
Mesh Teddy Bear Romper by Ambrosia
(Comes with the bear ears!)
Romantic Tops in Red by Honey Kitty
(Second Floor Lucky Board, I believe! O:)
Ribbon Socks in White by Hal Hina
Rocking Horse Shoes in Crimson/Dark by Wishbox

Extras && Accessories;
Chocolate Cream Necklace in Milk by Honey Kitty
Sweet Bear Earrings by Love Soul
Chocolate Cream Ring in Milk by Honey Kitty
Honey Chocolate Cookie Ring by Honey Kitty
Yummy Charm Bracelet by MM

I got my RL lolita dresses today~ Would you like to see me me? Or just SL me? Lemmie know! :'D


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