Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sicky Sicky, but still cute!

Ever have one of those, “I'm going to do this!” moods and get everything all set up to start something great... only to wake up sick? Welcome to my Saturday! I did happen to get most of the outfits for this week done over the weekend, however I ended up at the doctors yestersay and found out I have Mastoiditis. Luckiny, the bump on the back of my ear that was bothering me since Saturday morning had only JUST appeared then, so I'm thinking it was caught early enough to not have serious complications. I also got the news from the gastro today that there are no signs of celiac disease present in me, despite all my vast and terrible eggects from gluten. He did, however recommend I stay on the gf diet as long as it keeps the somtach pains and heart burn away, soso I'm not just being a nut about it. ;A;

At the end of last week the owner of Blue Blood finally joined my lolita group! Saka and I have adored her stuff for a while so it was super awesome for us! She showed me a dress that she was releasing at the Club Zero Gacha event! She wanted to show the group, but it's a little too showy and short for lolita. It's still GORGEOUS though!

I decided to doll it up and show it off to you since a bunch of my group members follow this blog anyway for non-lolita looks! ;D <3

After this it's back to resting for me. <333


Body Stuffs;
Khaleesy in Browns by Monso

Clothing Stuffs;
Tricia in Teal by Blue Blood !!Gacha!!!
Prissy Ruffle Socks in Solid Black by The Sugar Garden
Princess Pumps by Dark Midday Designs

Extras && Accessories;
::Eye Liner::
Birdy Group Gift! Liner 7.
::Lip stick::
Sticky Kiss Glosses in Bloody Mary by Beauty Killer
Doll Blush by Dead Apples
Bottled Spider Choker by Anymore Store
Angel Key Necklace by KOSH
Angel Key Earrings by KOSH
::Bracelet 1::
Angel Key Bracelet by Kosh
::Bracelet 2::
Spiked Bracelets in white by O.M.E.N
This is Halloween by Witches & Rats
::Hair Bow::
Skylly Bows in green by Wishbox


Alone with this awesome dress that's only 50L a play, Blue Blood is also offering a skins Gacha. It's perfect and beautifuly pale for all you light ladies out there.

I have a lot I really love about so many different pieces of this outfit. DMD's shoes are ADORABLE and can be made into SO many different color combinations. Hng. <3 These skins make even large eyes like mine have a seductive flare to them and the highlights are really pretty on them as well as the make-up options. I'm not a large fan of too much make-up myself, but hnggg. <3 The Eye Liner shown is a group Gift from Birdy. Looove their plushies and this liiner, need to play at that store more! Both the dresses and the skins by Blue Blood can be picked up at the Club Zero Gacha event and are trans, so bring some friends and play-trade!

Tomorrow is day two of antibiotics! Let's hope it gets me back to feeling okay, ne? Night night!


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