Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Charm corset preview!!! O:

Have you ever lived in an apartment? Had those ANNOYING upstairs neighbors that don't control their kids and let them run around like a stampeed of elephants as if no one lives beneath them? Ugggh, I can't wait to move!

Speaking of moving you all know how much I love lolita, and being more modest in my outfits in general. I stray away from the whole “GIVE IT ALL AWAY” theme most females in SL go for and try to do my 'sexy' in a more cute way. I've been trying to find things to do this with more while being able to use my LUSHIES!!

Charm has this awesome corset coming out for this upcoming round of Hello Titty Slots which is a Gacha event for all things mesh bewbie friendly! I'm super excited to go check out the rest of the items when the event opens on November 20th! Here's the page for more information and as soon as I know where it'll be the information will be passed on to you loveloves! Hello Titty Slots

I really like what I did here man. ;A; I paired the corset from Charm with some jeans I found at Kennedy's while doing the Dirty Pillow Hunt and with a top I grabbed back gods knows when to pair with the lolita JKS template just about everyone has been using because I found it textured pretty well at the Genre Event. I really like the way they all came together. The boobs needed a little more editing than normal to work with the mesh top jacket but in the end I think it looks awesome. I did my face up a little more than normal and about DIIIED for this magika hair. I do my hair in a ponytail almost -all- the time irl and I love those cat ear headbands people have been doing but love that Meow has the option NOT to wear the ears and just wear a headband if you want; or get 'careful' if you want to forego all the hair accessories and keep the ponytail!

Laaast but totally not least!! Witches & Rats has a new and ADORABLE star Ring Gacha out

You can pick these up HERE

Am I talking too much yet? D;


Body Stuffs;
Meow (Ears & Bow) in Naturals by Magika !!New!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Rapture in Gold by Charm !!Hello Titty Slots Gacha Item!!!
(Available Nov. 20th!)
Bloused Sleeve Jacket in Night by Valentina E. Couture
High Waisted Jeans (In normal waist option) in Black 2 by Kennedy's.
Platform Cuties in Baby Blue by Fashionably Dead

Extras && Accessories;
::Eye Patch::
Faoni Eye Patch with Roses by Kuroi Hane
(Now called {M}alice & {M}alice)
Abbey Piercing by Mad Echo
Cameo Necklace by The Secret Shelf
::Rings 1::
Treble Ring by Bubblez Design
::Rings 2::
Silver Cross Ring in Gold by Sakide
::Ring 3::
Melt My Heart in black by AUX
::Ring 4::
Ghostie Ring in Blue by Geek
Sailor Kitty in Black by Noodles
::Eye Make-up::
Soft Smoke eye make-up in Soft gold by Glamorize
::Eye Liner::
Smudged Mascara (light) by Brisbane's
Faded Love Lips tested in Caramel by Glamorize
Hi-Gloss lips 65% by Blacklace Beauty

I'm going to go put some more time into the dirty pillows hunt now!! See you lovies tomorrrow. <3


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