Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This week ends early for lovebug, and theoretically would end early for me too, but I'm excited about another outfit I've made for you guys, andand we still need to coooaaab. <3

I took this picture with some of my favorite toys! They make me suuper happy! I love this outfit, it's kind of like I fell in to my closet! Which is... pretty much, what I did. XD I was cleaning my inventory and found a bunch of stuff I wanted to play with, so I did!

The top is a gift from Witches & Rats, soso go pick that up and join the grrroup <3 She does monthly gifts! Shoes are a newbie (KIND OF) from The Sugar Garden and I loove theeeem. ;A; Sweater is part of a gift from the Dirty Pillows hunt which ends on the 30th~ It's part of the gift from Jelllyyyy. So go play loveies!

While playing in my closet I ran into more leggings from M3L. I told you guys at last week's Coab that I looved how unique they were, and now I can show you even mooore~ You'll see these a lot more as I dressie dress, butbut I was so excited I had to show them off immediately! Paired with them are the shoes G Fields has a Shoetopiaaaaa. <3

I dunno if you can tell but I'm totally legging obsesssed. <3 I love this outfit so much because my idea of a comfy day at home is leggings, shorts, a little shirt, and a hoodie. <3 Hng~

Body Stuffs;
Sudden in Hud 01 by Magika

Clothing Stuffs;
Rainbow Mini Top by Witches & Rats !!Group Gift!!!
Baloon Shorts in Blue by Perle
Sweater from the Ditry Pillow Hunt by Jelly
Gothis lace suspender tights by Cannibelle
Dolly Heels Knotty in Pink Suede by The Sugar Garden

Extras && Accessories;
Tea Time head in Pastel by Tentacio !!Gacha @ Kustom 9!!!
Cotton Candy Stripes Horns in Cherry by Kre-ations
Cute Kitty Glasses in Blue/Green by Witches & Rats
::Piercing 1::
1 Piercing part A by Ni.Ju
::Piercing 2::
Spider Bites in Surgical Steel Sugar Heart
::Necklace 1::
Animal Necklace 'Blue Panda' by Bokeh !!Gacha @Shoetopia!!!
::Necklace 2::
Mexican Sugar Skull Necklace by Goth1c0
::Ring 1::
Star Ring 03 by Witches & Rats !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Hello Bow in Pink by Candy Doll
Snow Cub by Birdy

Ni'Ni loveloves!


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