Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm so tricky, oh so tricky!


One more Halloween look! Are you tired of them yet? I could probably do them all year, but I also have a buuuunch of non-halloween looks just waiting to show you! ;A; I'm so excited! This one, however, was made by dolling up a bunch of the RMK Event gifts! If you didn't believe me and get on it, then your loss! It was soo worth it!

It was a ton of fun picking up candy and making recipies, and I got to hang out near the handsome Oswald, whom I loved so much I took home! You can see pictures of is together on my Flickr!

I called this my cutesy little Succubus look, since it's a little more revealing than my usual looks but still in a cute and alluring way, in my opinion~ I hope you like it as well, and if you haven't grabbed these goodies maybe you can find something similar by checking the stores (Just in not Halloween colors! O:)


Body Stuffs;
Vanellope in Browns by Ploom (Candy fair exclusive)
Dark Flying Bats Tattoo by Noya
Vampire teeth by Shine

Clothing Stuffs;
::Top, collar 7 wrist cuffs::
Bunny Halloween Bunny Top by Likka House (RMK PRIZE)
Jupe Carree Halloween Orange by NuDoLu (RMK PRIZE)
Hard Candy Jellies in Black by The Sugar Garden (Candy Fair Exclusive)

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Halloween Bats by WTG (RMK Prize)
Truffles in Reglisse by Aisling
::Face Piercing (Eyes)::
1 Piercing Part A by Ni.Ju
::Face Piercing (Lip)::
Spider Bites in Surgical Steel by Sugar Heart
Locked Heart Necklace in Silver by Rotten Toe
Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings in Orange by Epic !!Gacha!!!
::Piercing (Belly)::
Wicked Jack by HollyWeird
Pumpkin Pie Earrings by Two Sisters Treasures
Nada Watch number 15 (Black Kitty) by Katat0nik !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 1::
Monster Face Ring by Jwee Norfolk
::Ring 2::
Jilly's Batty Ring by Sugar Buzz
Popsicle in Candy Corn by Ni.Ju (RMK HUNT!)
Cute It Wrist Band in Go Orange by Happy Face

I think that's all. O~O MORE FUN TOMORROWWWW! <3


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