Thursday, November 21, 2013

Feeling well enough to show off my 'dirty pillows' D;

The steroids helped! I woke up feeling soooo much better. Thankfullllyyyy <333

So in a world where I'm already scared of like... everything... people keep doing things to make it worse and worse. Ever hear of “The Knock Out game”? I just did. Motivation to go outside GONE~

Good thing there's a lot to do on SL, hm? The Dirty Pillows Hunt runs until the 30th of November~ I made a cutie look for you all with one of my favorite gifts from the hunt! I'm also using TSG's new Bunny Skin in the Snowflake gift version from their VIP section. <33 I don't like to change my skin much, butbut this one was sooo cute so I was really excited a gift version came out so I could show it off to all of you~ <3

The sweets around me are from the Kawaii fair, another one of my favorite gifts fron a hunt. (Free, free, freee! Even though this isn't a coab! You're getting a lot of freeb info from me this week!)

I still might be a little absentee until after the second week of December, though trying to post daily still aside from the weekends! I'm in the middle of moving and that's super busy derpderpderpness. ;A; <3 JAPAN GETS THE NEW FINAL FANTASY TODAY I AM SO JEALOUUUSSSS ;A; Enjoy the lookie loveloves~


Body Stuffs;

Hair 86 in Mocha by Love Soul
Snowflake in the A tone by The Sugar Garden

Clothing Stuffs;
Barbie Doll Lingerie – Candy Hearts by HolliPocket
Princess Socks in Sheer pink by The Sugar Garden

Extras && Accessories;
Dolly Lips Bitten by The Sugar Garden
::Hair flowers::
Skully Flower Hair Pin in Red and Teal by Bubble
::Lip Rings::
Mesh Spider Bites by Sugar Hearts
My Mekomata Collar in Special White by Blah
Vintage Watch Necklace in Purple by Attic !!Gacha this round @ Kustom 9!!!
Way Girlie bracelets in sugar, sunny, berry, and sea by Yumyums !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 1::
Star Ring 05 by Witches & Rats !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Silver Cranium ring in Pink by Sakide !!Gacha!!!
::Belly ring::
Navel Piercing Frog by Love Soul
::Panty bows::
Scary Cats Slip Bow !!Gift from the Dirty Pullows hunt by GFD!!!

Graceful Death Earrings by Shock !!Gacha!!!


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