Monday, December 1, 2014

Sleepy kitten mondays~

Happy Monday, dears! I got to see Lovebug today so I am such a happy kitten! ;~; Seems he'll be away another week though, and we're losing the battle, but I still have some tricks up my sleeve! Like a cat on the hunt! I thought a Kemono look was perfect for my mood. These panties and tank by LCKY are the perfect cute and sexy mix for a comfy day researching on the internets! I also found these adorable new socks and slippers made for the Kemono which are to diiiie for. This adorable sweater is an N21 find and with how weird the weather's been I felt it finished things off really well. Anyway details below, and I hope you're ready for all the amazingness that starts opening because it's the beginning of the mooonth again. :'D <3

Body Stuffs;

Ragdoll Kemono Mod by Krankhaus
Kitten in Browns by Little Bones !!New @ N21!!!
Juicy Eyes in Mystic by Candy Mountain
Kemono head by Utilizator
Queen Hime Lashes by Candy Cutie
Kemnono by Utilizator

Clothing Stuffs;
::Panties & Tank::
Kemono Simple Heart Undies & Simple Spaghetti Top by LCKY
::Texture Mod::
Striped panties by So Cute
Kemono Sockie by CritJnk
Slippers by CritJnk
Moco-Moco Vest in White by Mikunch !!New @ N21!!!

Extras && Accessories;
The Betta Fish Plush in Moon by Silent Sparrow
Sleepy Polar Bear Sleeping Mask by Tee*Fy !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Pins::
The Kawaii Hair Bobbles in Teal & Pink by Olive
Trapped Mouse-C- O Eyes by Psycho:Byts
Kitty Choker in rosegold by MONS


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