Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Say you'll remember me...

Sorry for the silent post yesterday, loves. I'm still battling whatever's wrong with my shoulder so I can't spent too too much time online. D: Tried to spend the day here today and am in agony again. Doctor's appointment next Thursday though! I'll probably be sent to a joint/muscle/bone specialist or something so wish me luck! Gross rl stuff aside, I have new goodies to show yooou~ I was loving this hair by Wasabi Pills from Xiasumi so I'm really glad MotiAme's new release for Genre gave me a chance to take it for a spin. I really love the sophisticated feel of this sweater, jacket, skirt combo they put out at Genre man... it's so cute and comfortable but still classy as all eff. I put on Livalle's new Evoke Boots and went exploring for the last of the fall goods! It's december so... goodbye pumpkin spice... you shall be missed until next year... ;~;

Hello new goods! Have fun shopping loves!

Body Stuffs;

D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Kokoro in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills
Gallaxy Eye in Green 3 by Mudskin
Mizu in D Tone by The Sugar garden
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry Eyelashes by Lovely Alien
Deluxe Body by The Mesh project
Clothing Stuffs;
Duffle Coat outfit in FATPACK by MotiAme !!Now @ Genre!!!
Lace Stockings in Basics by Soft Voices Creations
Evoke Boots in Black by Livalle

Extras && Accessories;

Satin Bow & Pearls in Rose by Yummy
Old ur” Watch RARE by Nomad !!Gacha!!!
Fur Stole in Cream by Junbug !!Gacha!!!
Batwing Glasses in Black by Half Deer
Butterfly, dragonfly, and tentacle rings by Nomad !!Gacha!!!



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