Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Treats~

Merry Christmass! So picture was inspired by those silly pictures people want to make people take of the presents they got after opening them. They're cute, I just don't get them... maybe because I hate picture irl. XD Anyway I liked this outfit for today because I look and am covered in delicousness! Made me think of all those warm delicious Christmas treats I love so much! This jacket and these Uggs by Epic are something I'd totally rock IRL, and this accessory set by Pink Acid @ Gacha Mania is tooo cute for words. ;~; <33 Speaking of treats! Pink Acid's FOX CLUTCH is sooo friggin' adorable and well made. Lovebug loves foxes, so I fell in love immediately. As if I were being given a treat for thinking of by 'buggers, The Mesh Project Released their MALE mesh bodies and heads today~

I, of course, wanted one for him immediately. * o* They're so smooth... so... * p*
Ahem, anyway. Being the spoiled and loved woman that I am, he signed right on to get it when he woke up. I squeed myself around in circles as we started setting it up. I don't know much about male bodies to know complaints or what not, but I think this thing is gorg.

Only issue we had was the fact that The Shops skins don't give you appliers even though they say they're workable with the head. This is because you have to click the apply to mesh button in the store to get the skin on your face. It never goes in to style mode though, so any time he replaces it with a demo or whatever we have to go back to the store to reapply it? Not really sure if that's how the female ones were but we'll be waiting to see what males ones come out to replace it asap if that's really the case because... too much work. Lmao. I end up unstyling my head all the time to put different things on. :x Would suck if he ran in to the same need and had to return to the store every time. That's all I know for now, enjoy Christmas with yer loves ones like I am! :'D


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in latte by Pink Acid
Yvis in tone 10 by The Shops (On Lovebug!)
Meep in Browns by Ploom
Reading in HUDS 01 by Magika
Take It Easy in Black by Exile (On Lovebug!)
Lillian Eyes in Siren by Buzzeri
Lillian Eyes in Hazel by Buzzeri
Wrath Eyes in Brown by Candy Mountain (On Lovebug!)
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Soft in Deluxe by The Shops
Deluxe MALE and FEMALE bodies worn (Male, obviously, on Lovebug!) by The Mesh Project !!Male is NEW RELEASE!!!
Slink hands worn in outfit picture (On me!)
Clothing Stuffs;
Ice Cream Ski Vest & Hoodie by Epic !!Available @ FROST!!!
Rise Skinny Jeans in Chocolate by The Secret Store
Ice Cream Ugg Boots by Epic !!!Available @ FROST!!!!
::Pajama Pants::
Jammy Pants in Cole by Apple May Designs
::Nightie Set::
Negligee in Blush by Junbug !!Available @ Kustom 9!!!

Extras && Accessories;
::Christmas Cookie Accessory Set::
Hairbow, earrings, necklace, latte cup, and ring are all apart of the Gacha set by Pink Acid. !!Available @ The Gacha Mania!!!
Uni ears in Animale & Animale Long by De La Soul !!Available @ We <3 RP!!!
Cake pop in COW RARE by ClaMberry !!!Gacha @ Gacha Mania!!!
Winter Foxes Clutch in Faux Leather Brown by Pink Acid !!Available @ L'cessories!!!
Sweet Fawn in Earth (Group Gift) by Amai
Yummy Risu Tail in Chocolate by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
::Bow set with Lingeries::
Dollhouse in Sugar by Boom
Custom Eyewear SCT by [Gos]



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