Thursday, December 4, 2014

Doll Play~

Hey dollllllssss <3 I finally got around to this adorable Dress Katat0nik had at Kawaii Project's first round. I'm late, I know. 8D I got the original fitted mesh one, not the physique because I wanted to try to make it work on The Mesh Project; which I did get it to work on! Yay for all tmp'ers like me! I have a bunch of cute little goodies on, and I thought it was a good way to begin winding down the week! Muahmuah! Oh! Lovebug comes home tomorrow too! Except a pleased little Chobii tomorrow!

Body Stuffs;

D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Hair 8021 by Pink Hustler
Siren Eyes in Tide Pool by Adored
Mizu in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry lashes by Lovely Alien
Deluxe Body by The Mesh Project w/hands & Feet

Clothing Stuffs;
Fitmesh Dress in Pastel by Katat0nik
Luxy Socks in Pink by Pervette
Sweet Doll Heels in FATPACK by Sweet Thing

Extras && Accessories;
Minimalist Glasses in Silver by Boom
Winter Whimsy in Dreaming Seal by Half Deer !!Gacha @ Arcade!!!
Candy Corn! Unicorn Toy in Sweet by Silent Sparrow
Ribbon Cross Collar in Pink by Pekka !!Gacha!!!
Rabbit Necklace S-4 by Love Soul !!Gacha!!!
Chocolate Necklace in Milk/Purple by Kawaii
Taper Ears by Mandala
Studded Bracelets in Powder by Aux


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