Monday, December 15, 2014

Icy Passage~

Shiva has always been one of my favorite Final Fantasy Characters, and ever since I fell for her I also realized how much I love the thought of ice and snow. The beautiful crisp and cold air and death filled loneliness one must endure to not only be created of but also control over ice and winter. I think it's romantic to be the one to put an end to everything~ Needless to say, that's what Epic's new dress for Winter Trend made me think of so as a welcome back to Jade I dolled myself up as Shiva! Don't accept my passage though, if it's offered to you. :'D I'm pretty lovely at leading people to their own death.

Body Stuffs;

Nymph Tone by The Sugar Garden
Anabell in Lili 3 by Due !!New @ The Chapter 4!!!
Snowfall in Hazel by The Sugar Garden !!New!!!
Tsu in Nymph by The Sugar Garden
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Physique with hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Appliers by Adore & Abhore
Clothing Stuffs;

Snowflake Ombre Princess Mini Dress by Epic !!New @ Winter Trend!!!
Scalloped Stockings in White by OkkBye
Snowflake Ombre princess Pumps in ice by Epic !!New @ Winter Trend!!!

Extras && Accessories;
The Rule Of Cute Choker in Silver by Buttery Toast
Snowflake Crystal Necklace in Silver by Yummy !!New @ Collab88!!!
The Rule of Cute in Silver by Buttery Toast
Shugah Wingz in Aqua by Luckie !!Gacha!!
Cloud of Eternal Snow by Half Deer !!New @ Arcade!!!
Snowflake Princess Tiara in Snow by Epic !!Comes With Dress!!!
Call of Siren in Bloo by E V O
Snowflake Purse in White by Love Zombie
Doink-y Lamp by Wimey !!Gacha!!!

Opulent Bow Tie in RARE FROZEN by Ison !!New @ Arcade!!!


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