Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some day, oh some day~

So one of the reasons I've been wanting to get online despite my pain is the fact that I wanted to play with my new love, Airashi, which is a release by Pink Acid for Winter Trend. She's.. too cute... seriously. More than that... FRECKLES. <3 HAAH. I went and snagged the new goodies by The Sugar Garden, in mint and brown which is one of my -favorite- mixes of colors, and paired it with these amazing and adorable new boots by Blah which can also be found at Winter Trend. I -love- how the lace matches Fufu's jumper so well. <3 Soo cute. Rather than just showing you one picture today, I went and took a picture of all of Airashi's tones, and the new donut glaze gloss also by Pink Acid which goes amaaazingly with the skin. More deets below, loves. <3 Happy Shopping!


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Butterscotch by Pink Acid !!New @ Winter Trend!!!
Hair 148 in Bitter Browns by Love Soul
Hime Eyes in Ocean by Buzzeri
Babydoll Head in Deluxe by The Shops
Deluxe Body by The Mesh Project w/ hands & Feet
Clothing Stuffs;
Cozy Jumper in Mint by The Sugar Garden !!New Main Store Release!!!
My Posh Ankle Boots in Nude by Blah !!New @ Winter Trend!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Critter Comfort in Orange Tabby Scarf by Atomic !!Gacha @ Arcade!!!
Berry Bag in Mint by The Sugar garden
Jackalope Backpack in Snowy RARE by Mishmish !!Gacha @ Arcade!!!
Kitty Companion by Altair !!New @ Winter Trend!!!
CandyBow in DulceDeLeche RARE by Pretty Liar !!Gacha!!!

Books Sweety Bag by Ninety !!Available @ Winter Trend!!!


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