Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Fun!

Club Hatsune's Winter Hunt has begun, with gifts from Cubic Cherry & Mikazuki! Nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas more than presents!

and egg nog. Ever tried sugar cookie eggnog? Delicious! I'm rockin' a new Kemono mod by Fukiwara's World and a new Kemono release by Mikazuki here! Please note that I'm not wearing the entire ensemble this time, I did a lot of mixing and matching. As usual the Mikazuki outfit comes with shoes, leggings, a coat, and accessories. This one also comes with a pewpew! What I actually have on is listed below! <3

Body Stuffs;

Un-Tiger Mod in Crimson by Fujiwara's World
The Snow Princess Hair in FullSet RARE by Olive !!New @ Arcade!!!
Innocent Eyes in Green by Pomf
Kemono Head by Utilizator
Queen Hime Lashes by Candy Cutie
Kemono by Utilizator
Clothing Stuffs;
::Bodysuit, shorts, and armbands::
Reach by Mikazuki
::Leg Bows::
Kemono Leg Wraps by Bark Bark Meow Meow
Cozy Leg Warmers by V!V
Extras && Accessories;
Reindeer Headband by Mikazuki !!New @ Club Hatsune Winter Hunt!!!
Gimmie Presents Headband by Free Bird
Santa Bear Arcade Christmas gift 2014 by Boogers
A Pug Xmas in Do you wana build a snow pug? By BIRDY !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
Kemono Christmas Lights by DurpButt
Curly Whiskers in Black by Cerberus Crossing
Friedwildberry “Belly” by ANC !!Arcade Gift!!!
Christmas Hat by Mukazuki !!Club Hatsune Hunt Gift!!!
Hoshi backpack in Club Hatsune Winter Hunt edition by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!!Club Hatsune Hunt Gift!!!

Azazel Staff in Hell by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!New @ Fantasy Room!!!


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