Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wish You were Here

Sometimes when life gets hard, the best thing to do is to just put yourself in a place you're the most comfortable... or so says my therapist. :D So inspired by B.C.C's Jane dress from yesterday, I checked out their main store and fell in LOVE with this bikini. AAHHH. <3 I really love the beach, and in with the beach I added a few other things I really love!~

So the title and the wanna-be post card look is all to give lovebug a message. I wish he was here. <3 At first the message was for him, but then I realized that any time you share stuff with people with common interests it's a good feeling. :D So I wish YOU all were here, too, in the warm summer air with the whiff of sea salt dancing on the wind~ My favorite animal is a COW, which is something I'm sure I've made clear. Because of this and Amai's newest release the Kanibaru horns which has it's pastel pack named after my beauty boo Lilikins, I decided to make myself a cutesy spotted summer moomoos!

These awesome claws on my feet are from Utopiah at the last round of the suicide dollz event, so hopefully they're made it into their main store. The other footie goodies are from Sugar Marmite and can be found at the main store for sure. :D My favorite though is this hand spike holding up my foots. It's a snag from the Surreal Complex in the art area! It's such a cool concept... except I kept imagining myself falling all over the place because of walking in sand. <///< What beach bum is complete without some sweets, drinks, and entertainment!? Geek put out awesome googles for the Spread The Love event, which I repositioned to my leg since my head area was a little busy, and I got this bag of peaches and juice while at B.C.C. I was SO glad I got this one, it reminds me of Misuzu from Air TV Which is another one of my fond summer memmories.

I need to stop rambling, hm? <3


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/pure by Pink Fuel
Swish Hair 4in1- Bun by LeLutka
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
C01 Natural Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with appliers by Infiniti
High Woman's feet by Slink worn
Short Gelf Ears low by Trap

Clothing Stuffs;

Meriel Sailor Bikini in Mint Stripe by B.C.C
Hand Spike in Titanium by ieQED !!Now @ Surreal Complex!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Kanibaru Hortns in Liliandra Green by Amai !!Now @ Game Over!!!
Good Kitty Collar in Orange by The Sugar Garden
::Necklace 2::
Octo Necklace in Silver by Zombie Suicide
Silver Cross Ring in Orange by Sakide
::Ring 2::
Pac-man ring by Yoyo9
Jenny Summer Bags in Pink Lemon Juice (Lol I thougt it was peach. :x) by B.C.C
::Purse Bow::
Crowned Jeweled Hairbow in Mint/side by The Sugar Garden
::Hair Band::
Comic Headband in Zwapp by Geek
Toast Earrings in Sick by Buttery Toast !!Gacha!!!
Tentavle Earrings by Zombie Suicide
::Toe Claws & Knuckle piercing::
Wicked Tow Claws in Raven and Knuclkes in Silcer by Utopiah
Blossom Tail in Marigold by Half Deer
::Hip Bows::
Cutie Bow Piercing in Drizzled by Forever Young
Star+Chup Banana by VinCue
GeekVision Goggles in Orange by Geek !!Now @ Spread The Love Event!!!
Tootsie Anklet in Cross by Sugar Marmite
Tootsie Chain in Cross by Sugar Marmite
Oh!Liv Nose + Cheek & Body Freckles
Eyelashes – Dolly by Pink Fuel

Poses by Chus


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