Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coab 24!!

Two posts for you todaaay! :'D ARE YOU HAPPY? WELL GET HAPPIER! Post number two is your COAB for the week! This weeks items are a few that I really loved that are left over from the hipster fair and gifts from mingllleeee. :'D

Aside from that, there's a TON of hunts going on because of the lovelove holiday, which is tomorrow and I have an awesome outfit for you all tomorrow that I am sooo excited about! A few hunts to look for are the Jack Or Jill hunt by Depraved Nation, the Tainted Love hunt, and the With Love fair/event which has a TON of freebies. Items from these will be used in my next few COABs so make sure to look out for them! :D

As an extra help for you loveloves right before lovelove day, I took a few pictures of EYES that I found on the MP for free. That's now SKINS, HAIRS, Make-UPs, AND EYES that are both cute and affordable that I've shown you! O:

Want anything else special? Lemmie know! :D For now, Look for “Gift eyes” on the Market place for some cute and affordable eyes! :'D <333


Body Stuffs;

Marilyn Diva Star Skin in Fair BS by NousVous !!THF Gift!!
Avalon in Chocolate by Little bones
Illusion Eyes in Grey by AG

Clothing Stuffs;

Mindy T-shirt V-day Special by Erratic !!Gift @ Mingle!!!
Shorts in Blue by AnDrChi !!THF Gift!!!
Kiss Me Compatible Stockings by Jim !!Gift @ Mingle!!!
Gibson Boots by GAALL !!THF Gift!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Tintable Neck Bow by Aii
Bracelet Roses by B::u::B
Juliet Hedgehog by Half Deer
Beary Lurvin' by OhMai
Music Box by ContraptioN !! All Gifts @ Mingle!!!
Kawaii Glasses Gacha by kDm

By Chus!


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