Monday, February 3, 2014

Coab 23, Hipster please~

So I'm guessing that giving gifts at event on SL is SO last season, because the only place I could score some decent goods for you guys was at the HIPSTER fair, of all places. XD!!

This was a fair I was going to avoid, to be honest, since I have no interest in hipster stuff, but man oh man am I glad I went. Not only were the gifts pretty cute but I found a Gacha there for Kdm's Kawaii Glasses that I -totally- fell in love with. At just 8L A PLAY you can score an awesome accessory. Each of them are textured adorably and kept me playing.. repeatedly.

Most of what you see can be found at the fair, including the shoes. I also ran across these fun lipsticks.

Bottom is one of them with the Izzie's gloss on top of it because I like my lips to shine bright. <3

KDm was ALSO offering these socks as a gift, and they have SLIIINK appliers!!

I also ran in to...

ALL THIS, and to be honest there's a lot more. My inventory is a MESS from everything that opened on the first, but this event CLOSES tomorrow, so I wanted to give you guys some time to grab these before they're gone.

Would have been done SOONER, but my computer hates me today.


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
The Big Doll House in Kit Kat by Lamb
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Eye Candy Lush Lashes

Clothing Stuffs;

Peace Sweater by LB !!Gift @ Hipster Fair!!!
Mesh 80s Sinny Pants by EM
Glitter's no heels by LB

Extras && Accessories;

Necklace by Alienbearxagnes
Le Spiked Clutch in Glam Gold by Tp
Hipster Earrings by DEW !!Gift @ Hipster Fair!!!
::Crown & Scepter::
Cookie cat Vanilla by Static
Mesh Scarf Hipster by J&A Rock !!Gift @ Hipster Fair!!!
Dead Tree by Nerd Monkey Accessories
Kawaii Glasses Gacha -6- by kDm


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