Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'ma make it to Grandmas

So yesterday we went and got my Lilikins~ Due to this AND THE FINAL FANTASY EVENTAMAAAGAAAAAD, I didn't get to post yesterday. <...3!!! I, however, still have the look ready for you all so yaaay weekend post!! I even have ALL my outfits for next week done, and very little is from the event unfortunately, butbut the week after! The stuff I have to show you next week is mostly from the Surreal Complex. Starting with that, are some -awesome- trees that I set up with a little scene for this look.

This is my look for Enchantment. Have to say, I -love- the Enfant Terrible stuff. These shoes, these head flowers. Hah perfection. Mishmish's little basket and mousie friend are -so- cute and keep it so my little red riding hood has company as she ducks through the forrest. I put on some goodies from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and decided that together with mousie, we WOULD be makin' it to Grandmas. :'D

I have some awesome little toys out and about from The Surreal Complex here, loving these poses~ My little wolfie friend in my house which is decorated from things at the surreal event AND the fantasy Gacha carnival is from this round of we<3RP. He's from Aii and is a rideable wolf pet that comes in a ton of colors and patterns. O: Sooo cute, I had to have.

These poses, by Mein at the Surreal Complex are a Gacha that I fell for. I've always loved the sleeping princess parts of fairy tales. I hope that this life I live is a dream and one day I'll awaken in a coffin made of glass with my prince that I'm dreaming of sitting above me in a world so different and perfect. PROBABLY WON'T HAPPEN. So I asked my prince to be my princess and we played to show you these poses. :'D <3

Man oh man, so many goodies. I'm not even done yet though! These lips I have on are from Buzzeri, another store I've fallen for! I found these at the Chinese New Year Festival and the liner I grabbed at this round of Kustom 9! I looove ittt. They match so well and add the perfect pop of color right above the eyes. So vibrant. So wonderful. Such love. Wow. <3 ;D

This post is picture heavy... I hope you enjoy it! 


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
Black Magic in Kit Kat by Lamb
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Eye Candy Lush Lashes
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink with Appliers by By Snow

Clothing Stuffs;

Little Red Hooded Sweater in Red by BB !!Now @ Enchantment!!!
Little Red Mini Dress in Black by BB !!Now @ Enchantment!!!
Ribbon Ballerina in Red by Enfant Terrible !!Now @ Enchantment!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Cold out there horns in Black by Gorean Rose !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
Sheridan Necklace Sophisticate in Silver by LH !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
Bow Bracelets in Black by Candy Doll !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Mouse on a Basket in Light Tea by Mishmish !!Now @ Enchantment!!!
Coin Purse in Sierra by Little Tasta !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
::Hair Bow::
Forest Flowers in Black/Dark Flowers by Enfant Terrible !!Now @ Enchantment!!!
Cache Crown in Obsidian Wolf by ieQED !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
Mouse in Light Tea by Mishmish !!Now @ Enchantment!!!
American Quiver in Black by PFC !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
Runa in Black by BP !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!
Gel Liner in Red by Buzzeri !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Gen Lips in Ruby by Buzzeri !!Now @ CNY!!!
Poses by Pose Maniacs
Rideable Demon Wold pet by Aii !!Now @ We<3RP!!!
::Little house, rug, pillows, and candles on window::
Voldin Buccaneer rugs n pillows, candles set, and stone Wall Storybook Shanty by RW !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
::Mushrooms and table::
Mushroom Mount and Look At Mah Legs Table by ChiMia !!Now @ Surreal Complex!!!
::Lorax Trees::
Truffla Trees in Purple and Dark Orange by Beautiful !!Now @ Surreal Complex!!!
::D & N Poses::
D and N from Dreaming Letter Pose Set by Black Tulip !!Noq @ Surreal Complex!!!
::Glass Coffin::
Fairy Dreams Gacha by Mein !!Now @ Surreal Complex!!!

Special thanks to my Hideki/lovebug who is leaving me on MONDAY. WAAH. Keep me company ok loves? <3 See you then!


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