Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Casual cutie 2 to go!

Tomorrow is the WONDERFUL (I hope) day where I will learn whether or not lovebug gets to come home! I'm soo excited... I took a LOT of drugs and still can't manage to get sleepy. XD One of lovebug and my -favorite- things to do tohether is game in causal and comfortable clothes, so I grabbed the group gift feom Charm, hit up a few Gachas at The Spread The Love Event (Since it's going to end soon y'know!!) and got my little Chocho buddy together with my awesome gamer purse and hit an arcade in SL up!

I took all my pictures in different size setthings, something my Lilikins said I should try. Lemmie know what'cha all think?

So I need to rant for a bit about these AMAZING garters that Violent Seduction has made. They work on not only the cute ass, but also the phat azz with a little adjusting. They're fully resizeable mesh, so really they'd fit on -anyone.- 100% hand modeled and textured, like everything from the wonderful Violent Seduction, but HNG <33 Love it. Hair is a mixture~ I wanted to be cute. XP


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Scene by Pink Fuel
Anemone by Chemistry
Unrigged Chibi by Chemistry
Dreaming in Green by Chop Shop
c01 Natural by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with appliers by Hello Dave
Medium Hight Feet by Slink Worn
Luck Inc's cute azz worn

Clothing Stuffs;

Gradient Hearts Shirt in Cherry Vanilla by Song Bird !!Now @ Spread The Love Event!!!
Valentine Skirt by Charm !!Group Gift!!!
Amour Socks in Red by Witches & Rats
Allison Boots in Pink by Fri.Day

Extras && Accessories;

Galaxias Necklace in Purple by Noodles !! Now @ C88!!!
::Necklace 2::
Heart Wrap Necklace in Purple Spark by Zyn !!Gacha!!!
::Arm Warmers::
Arm Warmies in Pink by TartCake !!Previous 25 for 25 Hunt item!!!
Infinite Love Ring in Black by Baubles! !!Now @ Spread The Love Event!!
::Ring 2::
Gigi Shimmer Bow by Maxi Gossamer
Geek Survival pack in classic by Geek
::Hair Flower::
Enchanted Poppy Headband in Pink by Orsinisun
Fancy Kitty Ears in Rainbow String Fluffy White by Ginchi !!Now @ Spread The Love Event!!!
Haute Earrings in Wild Paisley by Loordes of London !!Now @ 25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Artic Baby Pheonix by Evo
Kawaii Glasses 23 by kDm !!Gacha!!!
Pinkish Jizz by Chus
Valentine Bindi Azzure by Miamai
Galactic Lip in Red by Nox !!Now @ C88!!!
Glossy Lip Highlight in 3d by Izzie's
Poses by Glitterati and likely will be for a while since my standie broke. XD <3

See ya tomorrow for an -awesome- release from DMD!


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