Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I love rainbows - Spread The Love!!!

So as I said yesterday, or.. well.. earlier today since this post is coming to you late at night because I have plans to clean like crazy tomorrow; there is an event going on called Spread The Love and it's a Gacha event raising money for a variety of LGBT-focused real life charities. Thus being said, it's a good cause for good people. I think nearly any charity is a good cause though, I even go nuts for hair fair. XD!! But what's better than hair? COLOR! I looove this event because of the awesomely colored items! GO!

Also this stag neon light is my EVERYTHING. Aside from the awesome goodies from the Spread The Love Gacha Event, I have on a few goodies from the 25 for 25 hunt. YES. I know, I'm late on bringing you goodies for that but my coab this week is from there as well as a few items spread through my outfits. I did find a way to get it done through all the madness going on irl!

I even have on these delicious melty sherbert ears that Half Deer is sporting in the Surreal Complex because their colors go soo well with everything else! I got me some jeggings from The Big Show by Hollipocket. I'm not big on.. well.. pants... but I dunno.. they were so bright. Did I mention, I LIKE RAINBOWS? XD
Along with my rainbows I'm sportin' an outfit by Charm called “Shoot Me Valentine” It's a COMPLETE outfit with SOCKS, a SKIRT, two attachable arrows, and a box of candy hearts for yer boobies, but I decided to roll around in my closet and lost the skirt in the process. ;A;/XD (Rest is shown though! <3)


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
Hart in Browns by Ploom !!Newish!!!
Dead Eyes in Toxic by PopTart !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink with Appliers by MV !!Appliers Now @ Spread The Love!!

Clothing Stuffs;

Shoot Me Valentine by Charm !!Newish!!!
Love Rock Underbust Corset by MV !!Now @ 25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Jeggin Jeans in Rainbow Black by Hollipocket
Shoot Me Valentine Socks by Charm !!Newish!!!
Goth Kawaii Boots in Purple by Witches & Rats

Extras && Accessories;

Melty Sherbert Ears in Black by Half Deer !!Now @ Surreal Complex!!!
Pride Necklace Tag by BananaN !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
::Necklace 2::
Grape Grand Necklace in Rich Wine by Yumyums
Chained Hearts Collar in Royal Blue by The Sugar Garden
Suede Fringe Bag in Midnight by Moon
My Kawaii Gacha Wing in MyCuteDeath RARE by Sugar Marmite !!Gacha!!!
::Hair flower::
Head Accessory – Ceri Blossoms in White by LODE
::Face stuff::
Faun Face V.2 Type A – Nose 1 by Half Deer
Pride Earrings by BananaN !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
::Earrings 2::
Tentacle Earrings by Zombie Suicide
Pocket Pet V2 Frenchy in White by Birdy !!Gacha!!!
Flutter in Domino Valentine by The Feisty Beast Gacha !!Gacha!!!
Queen of heart mesh wand in Be Mine by Ariskea
Shoot Me Valentine Arrow by Charm
::Sleep Mask::
Blindfold in Really? By Inked !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
Dirty Glasses in Red by Elemeno (IT'S FROSTING. D:<)
Mystic Eye Liner in Yellow by Pekka
Glossy Chapstick in Lime by Random Matter
Role Belt in Jailer (Black) by PFC !!Gacha!!!
::Ankle Warmers::
Ankle Warmers in Grey 3 by Little Tasta !!Gacha!!!
Always w/no heart on chest by PixyStix !!Now @ 25 for 25 hunt!!!

Poses by Label Motion
& Hilarious drown yourself in a fishtank pose by HopScotch @ Surreal Complex!
::Couch & Chair::
Armchair and loveseat by Prime !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
Ikat Rug in Pink by Brixley !!Now @ Kustom 9!!
::Wall Art Pictures::
Intimate & Afternoon Delight by Ampersand !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
Stag love & Love me by Medowworks !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
Crate Stool in Pride -Rare- by Painfully Devine !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
Build-a-friend Pride Kitty -RARE- by Free Bird !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!
::Blogger Heart::
Heart w/holding pose by Decadent Courtesan !!Now @ Spread The Love!!!

Gave you a LM. NO EXCUSES. :'D Go help a good cause and get some -awesome- stuff in the process~
Muahmuahs. See you all WEDNESDAY because tomorrow I'ma cleaning machine!! 


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