Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Psyche makes me lovely for Lili's party~!

Oh LOLITA how I MISS YOU~ <3 There aren't many lolita releases, and while that shouldn't be a reason I don't dress in my number one passion, it sadly is. I've been trying to bring you guys news of what's coming out, but in that I somethings find things that work well with Lolita so I've been blogging more on the lolita blog. Because of that I wanted a lolita co-ord SOOOO baaaad. <3

I decided to put one together for my lovelove Lili's birthday Party which was our Lolita group's first meet at the new head quarters last week! :D These adorable socks I'm wearing are from Buttery Toast, and tomorrow there will be a post on my Lolita Group's blog to show off the many colors I picked up as well as their skelly ones, because I totally fell in love. Shoes are by the AMAZING Eilfie over at the Sugar Garden. I fangirl a little over how CUTE and SEXY she manages to make... just about everything. I kinda wanna invite her to be a designer in the group but.. o///o I'm such a small group and she's oh so wonderful!!!

This little hat, which I died when I saw, is a goodie from Theater Chain over on the RMK sim and can be found in RMK's main store! :D It's a Gacha, but ANY of the possibilities are wonderful! Hair is a mixture of two from Truth, which leave it a little messy looking where they mix but it's soo perfect for the curly twin tail wiiigs. I wish someone would full on make one on SL because I'd DIIIE for half and half mint-choco haaair! <33 I went for a slightly ott sweet, but max'd my attachment points super easily because I wasn't being thrifty with them like I did with my decora look. The Skirt isn't available yet as it's one my friend is working on for herself, but gave me one of because AHHHH <3, but it might be one day! Keep looking! In the end, I love it!!!


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Lilac by Pink Fuel
Abra in Light Browns 05 by Truth
Noemi in Light Browns 05 by Truth
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar garden
Lush Lashes by Eye Candy
Elegant 1 by Slink with Appliers by Random Matter (Holidaze Nails)
Medium Height Feet by Slink

Clothing Stuffs;

The Lolita Blouse in Light Purple by Violent Seduction
Dream Wish in Pink by Lovely Little Lolita
Cupid Skirt with Bloomers by Dark Midday Designs
Light Blue Socks by Buttery Toast
Lolita Platforms in Pink by The Sugar Garden

Extras && Accessories;

Vintage Watch necklace in Blue by Attic !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2::
Rabbit Necklace S 4 by Love Soul !!Gacha!!!
Cutie Ribbon Bracelet 05 Pink by Honey Kitty !!Gacha!!!
::Bracelet 2::
Cutie Ribbon Bracelet 06 Blue by Honey Kitty !!Gacha!!!
Whipped Cream Ring by Half Deer
::Ring 2::
Crown Ring in Antique Silver by INK
::Ring 3::
Winged Star ring in Purple by Witches & Rats
::Hair Bow 1::
Candy Bow in Cotton Candy by PL
::Hair Bow 2::
Hair Bow CGG Pink by Love Soul
::Hip Goodies::
Dango (No script) in Cotton Candy and Pink Inusweets by Amai
Kawaii Glasses Gacha -2- by kDm
::Hair Pin 1::
Winged Star Hair clip mini in Purple by Witches & Rats
::Hair Pin 2::
Bear Hair Pin in Pink by RSK
::Hair Pin 3::
Bunny Hair pin in White by RKS
Kumaface in white chocolate by Amai
Hearts a flutter headband #6 Single by Le Fil Casse !!Gacha!!!
Candy Hat in Pink 01 by Theater Chain !!gacha!!!
Noe Compatible Kawaii Anime Blush by The Sugar Garden
Ducky Kisses in Baby Pink by Candy Mountain
Poses by Blah!

The ADORABLE clouds I have behind me can be found at the Surreal Complex and are by Uncertain Smile! They have really cute poses which you'll see later, but for now they were just used as a decoration. <3

Am also wearing my lushies AND the cute azz. <3 Though you can't much see. I'm a curvy little lolitaa!!


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