Monday, February 10, 2014

I have the key to your heart.

So today is the sad, sad day when lovebug leaves me. I knew it was coming and yet I still am not ready to believe I'll be without him for the next three weeks. Katatonik's limited edition Choco dress, which my cutie Psyche whispered in her ear about months ago, came out at a perfect time. Lovebug loved it, and I loved it.

I put it together yesterday before he left. The heart pops and faun make-up were Half Deer's FLF items, and the hearts coming from Wasabi Pills' Yun are a limited hair called Aiko by LCKY. Only 100 were being sold, so go check it out!!! it's super cute alone, which you'll see soon! :D <3

Also shown off are a few of the gifts from the With Love event, which more will be shown as this week's coab. However, I dunno when the event ends so get over there and pick up the gifts! There's a bunch! Migle gifts are scattered around to spread the love. Lovebug and I did mingle together, so I felt it was appropriate to use the gifts in the look I made for him. My favorite of them are Mishmish's lock and key because just last week Lovebug said he loved me for the first time. He's been through a lot and thought it unable for him to fall in love again, so now he jokes that I unlocked his heart. I told him that his going away would be bareable and ok because he's important enough to me to wait for, and because I have the key to his heart so it'll be safe. <3 I also really love the writing on the wall, which is from OhLiv at the Final Fantasy Festival. It's really touching, so I popped it up in there.


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/pure by Pink Fuel
Yun in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills
Aiko in naturals by LCKY !!Limited V-day hair!!!
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar garden
Eye Candy Lush Lashes
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink with appliers by Hello Dave
High feet by Slink

Clothing Stuffs;

Delicate late Top in White by 1 Hundred !!Now @ Big Show!!!
Valentine Choco Dress in Red by Katat0nik !!Limited dress found on her MARKETPLACE ONLY. <3!!!
My loveable cotton socks Sugar set in Pink by Utopiah
Kiss Heels in Red by Witches @ Rats !!Now @ Suicide Dollz!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Ribbon Cross Collar in Pink by Pekka !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2::
Anael Angel Heart Necklace in Silver by Maxi Gossamer !!Now @ With Love!!!
Bow Bracelet in Rose by Candy Doll
Geek-man ring in Pink by Geek
::Ring 2::
My Big Plastic Hesrt Ring in Blood by Utopiah !!Now @ With Love!!!
::Ring 3::
Ketama Ring by Maxi Gossamer !!Gift @ With Love!!
Heart you clutch in Pink by Ariskea
::Hair Bow::
Candy Bow in Cinnamon by PL
Anael Angel Heart Earrings by Maxi Gossamer !!Now @ With Love!!!
Love Hampster by Birdy !!V-day Group Gift!!!
::Hair Pin::
Cake Pop in Strawberry & Chocolate by Half Deer
Tintable Blush in Birdy by Candy Mountain
Faun Face V3 type B no nose by Half Deer
Elegant Lipstick in Electric Red by Pink Acid !!Gift @ With Love!!!
Glossy Lip Highlights 3D By Izzie's
My Other Half Key by Mishmish !!Gift @ Mingle!!!
Tootsie Anglet Heart High by Sugar Marmite
Poses by Elephante Poses

d├ęcor items

::Cloud Mobiles::
The Secret Store's Mingle Gift
Mishmish's Mingle Gift (With key in pink & Blue!!!)
::Scrabble Picture::
Ur Favorite One's Mingle Gift
::Wooden Slides Picture::
Commoner's Mingle Gift
::Tifa's Words::
Oh Liv's Final Fantasy Event Gift
Noodles Mingle Gift
Ohmai's mingle gift
::Cookies on plate::
Imeka's Mingle Gift
::Heart rug::
Scarlet Creative's Mingle Gift
::Books & Note Stuff::
Floorplan's Mingle Gift
Half Heer's Mingle gift
Schadenfreude's Mingle Gift
Pizza's Mingle Gifts
Intrigue Co.'s Mingle Gifts
Candy Art Deco Heart Table by Prime !!Soon @ SLGBTA'S Spread The Love Event!!!

See you all tomorrow loves!!


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