Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Within A Cage

My love for Chobits is one we ALL know well. I am beyond super pleased to announce the arrival of a fully original mesh Chobits inspired hait called Freya by Dark Midday Designs. It goes down to under yer butt, which is pretty darn long for a rigged hair!! It splits in the back like a Chobits hair is supposed to, and has the perfect little baubles which are recolorable via a hud. :'D <3

Love this scene, by the way, it's a very... chobits esque picture, in my mind. :D I got all of these goodies from the Surral Complex, which is closing in a few days so skitter on over there. The awesome floor tiles, melting horse, melting bulb, and surreal chair are all from Kalopsia and can be found in the Art section of the event. The Cage hanging on a tree as well as the petals, feathers, and doves can all be found by Uncertain Smiles in the dreams section of the event. :'D Make sure you snag them both because they're awesome for little scenic looks.

I really wanted to use them with this look because we learned today that the people we thought were actually helping lovebug were out to get him, and we've finally gotten a lawyer on our side. Due to the fact that we've wrongfully thought the other group was helping us for the last six months, lovebug no longer feels safe at home so his extended time away has been extended further until they decide where to move him because of this whole mess. He's still in the psych ward under suicide watch because his health care won't pay for him to be in the normal intensive therapy program any longer and he went into a state of shock so bad he couldn't assure people he was not a safety hazard to himself. He's basically locked in a cage watching the world go by around him while being unable to do anything... so I wanted to express that I understood while not being able to be near him. :] He follows my posts from his phone when he has it, though he hasn't in a while because they're now allowed any personal stuff there. He'll see it soon though.

On to the amazingess of the outfit. It's very simple, I know, but I really adore each piece. The dress is a snag from the Seraphim Social by B.C.C and the cute little matching crown is a win from Buttery Toast's new Ickle Crown Gacha. Buttery Toast is quickly becoming one of my new favorite places. Not only is the owner a fun person to talk to who enjoys cute things, but she's also passionate about what she does. She makes things she loves, which makes it easy to love them with her. <3 I fell for these crowns immediately, and you'll see them a -lot- more in the future. ESPECIALLY because the rares have WIIINGS on them. :''''D <3


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pearl by Pink Fuel
Freya in Browns by Dark Midday Designs !!NEW!!!
Cataract Eyes in Green by Rev
C01 Natural lashes by FTL
Eleagant 1 Hands by Slink worn with appliers by Hello Dave
Flat Women's feet by Slink worn with appliers by Hello Dave
Persocom Ears by PP

Clothing Stuffs;

Jane Epmire Dress by B.C.C !!Now @ Seraphim Social!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Ice Lumi Necklace by Schadenfreude
Ice Lumi Bracelets by Schadenfreude
Ice Lumi Anklets by Schadenfreude
Ice Dangle Lumi Earrings by Schadenfreude
Ickle Crown in Cream/Blue by Buttery Toast !!New Gacha!!!
Normal Halo in White by May's Soul !!Gacha!!!
High maintenance blush by The Sugar Garden
Eyelashes Dolly by Pink Fuel

Poses by Glitterati!


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