Thursday, February 6, 2014

A call for Spring

It snowed! So much so lovebug had the day off, which was AWESOMEE because he leaves on Monday. <...3 This weekend we're picking up Lili and Pizzapantsss~ Should be funfun. It'll be hilarious to have us both shopping in SL while together irl. XD We have a blast just on Skype. HOWEVER, I miss the warmth. At least, as I said before, mentally, so today's post is featuring some items from the last round of Collab 88 to call in the new round which starts the 8th AND to call in spring!! <3

I really loved this blouse when I saw it, which is.. well obvious because BLOUSESSS. I can't wait for more lolita skirts to come out so that I can co-orddd!~ I also died when I saw these stockings by Neo at Season's Story because ahhh caatss. ;A; <3

Some of these other goodies can be found at the Fantasy Gacha fair, like these hair flowers that are sooo <3, and these braceletsss, and my cute little friend on my flower basket!! Basket can be found at Enchantment by Anc which is quickly becoming a favorite for me, I've only seen them three times, and two of which were gachas, but I've loved -evertything.- Flowers were found full perm on the MP and arranged by mwa~ :D Last but totally not least are the cute fluttering butterflies I have on my nose and beside my head. They are by a new store/gacha maker who owns/runs a gacha yard sale that lovebug and I will be selling out extras at starting very soon! (I need to get over there and set up!) Not only are they adorable and flutter, but when you click them they send hearts in an amount you can choose by clicking to a person in the area! There is even a special v-day version which I will be showing you guys next week that sends out kisses! Perfect gifts for this cutesy occasion! Enough rambling, hm? <3


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
Tiffany in Wood Bark by LaViere
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Eye Candy Lush Lashes
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink with appliers by D!va
Medium Height Woman's feet by Slink

Clothing Stuffs;

Mary Pleated Shirt in White Polka by The Secret Store
Dreamy Tutu in Muted by TB
Catty Leggings in Brown by Neo
Storybrooke Heels in Snow by Mango Cheeks !!Now @ Enchantment!!!

Extras && Accessories;

::Head & Shoulder Flowers::
Manna in Fawn by Zibska
Normal Ferala Bracelets Brown by May's Soul
Rattenbag Grandma in White by anc
Shiro Mouse by Aii !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!
Glossy Chapstick in Spirit by Random Matter
Flutter in Mine and in Domino by The Feisty Beast Gacha
::Full Perm Flowers::
Single Roses and Flowers by Mesh Plants
Poses by Zzang and Pose Maniacs


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