Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Bunny's Made me Mad!

I missed Coab last week, and I'm sorry. However I had a BIG computer problem and ended up deleting a lot of stuff in hopes of better performance and ended up deleting the pictures after already deleting the outfit. DERP MOMENT FOR CHOBII. Not any reason to cry though, The RMK Bunny Hunt has just started! You run around to find a bunny, wait until it pops into a ticket, and BAM free prize!!! Please don't hoard around one bunny, it's pretty rude. <_<; Anyway I got my outfit today from MotiAme there!!

Would you like an apple while we hunt? Some of the awesome Femboy hunt prizes are being shown off and I am exciteddd! With my coab later this week I have an awesome hair from LCKY to show you, and today I'm showing you one of Witches and Rat's poses from it! (The apple one!) All of the poses I'm using today are by Witches and Rats since Alma's began making poses and I've been too busy to toss them in to my stands! I wanted to show you all though, because I really love them!

The Bunny's gone and made me mad! So mad, in fact, that I even went to the Whore Couture Fair!! Haha, ok so the bunny had NOTHING to do with that. This hair from Wasabi pills made me want to go, but not enough to ACTUALLY go, then these socks from Utopiah stole my girly parts because what's better than sexy clingy stockings? Oh yeah, sexy clingy stockings with BOWS on them. The killer though were these shoes by Violent Seduction. They tickly my morbid and sexy bone SO well. The entire heel is made to look like a spine vertebre by vertebre! Haaaaahh! I love them so much. These are all picked up at the Whore Couture fair! And who can forget about the arcade? Yes, I off sim shopped, and I have lots of goodies to show you later in the week. Last but certainly not least, I finally found a use for these IMP horns by Buttery Toast which I've loved since I saw them!! They matched OH so well with my tail from Cubic Cherry that I squealed in delight. Cute little lolita's gone mad this week! All thanks to the RMK's Bunnies! More from that hunt later since I'm not done collecting all my tickets!


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
Marin hair in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills !!New @ Whore Couture Fair 3!!!
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
C01 Natural Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink Work with Appliers by Quintessencia @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
High feet by Slink worn !!Needed for shoes!!!

Clothing Stuffs;

Queen of Hearts Jacket and Dress by MotiAme !!New @ RMK's Alice Shopping Center!!!
My Double Garter Stockings in Hearts with Skully Bows by Utopiah !!Now @ Whore Couture Fair 3!!!
Skeleton Shoe in Red by Violent Seduction !!New @ Whore Couture Fair 3!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Little Imp in Red by Buttery Toast !!Gacha!!!
::Horns 2::
In Dreams Horns in Obsidion by Aux !!Gacha!!!
All Seeing Eye necklace in Onyx by Amala
::Necklace 2::
Ciolette Collar Cross in Pastels by Zombie Suicide
My Big Plastic Heart Ring in Blood by Utopiah
::Ring 2::
Suare Ring in Silver by C'est La Vie!
Gatcha Bag in Kitten Cheeky (RARE) by Glow !! New @ Arcade!!!
Red Eyeball Earring by Candy Mountain
Iclke Crown in Red/Black Wings (Rare) by Buttery Toast !!Gacha!!!
Puggly in Kitty by Birdy !!New @ Arcade!!!
Mr. Toasty Mustache in Red by Epic !!Gacha!!
::Eye Patch::
Eye Patch – Red Roses by La Petite Morte !!Gacha!!!
Mystic Eye Liner in Red by Pekka
Ducky Kisses in Light Red by Candy Mountain
Tintable Dolly Blush by Candy Mountain
Bloody Mouth by Catwise

All poses shown are from the Nails, Don't cry, and cutie, and Femboy hunt packs of poses by Witches & Rats


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