Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Charmed Noodle Ari~


By the way the title sounds like food, doesn't it? xD

Jk, but I really liked the little words on the cigarettes. I was going for pixel virgin, but I guess love me is close enough, hm? I really really love the animations and all that come with this. It smokes, you blow smoke, and it burns slowly. At the end you take it out of your mouth, drop and rub it out with your foot before getting a new one out of your pocket, putting the pack away, reaching in again, and lighting it before it starts burning away again. How fun, hm?

Today I have a few new releases to share with you lovelies, to keep you shopshopshopping! :'D I have a beautiful new pale skin by Dead Apples called Ari, an awesome and fun hair by LCKY called Noodle, and some new releases from Charm! :'D First let me show you the skin goodies.

I love how pale this skin is, I have to say. It's not too grey, and not too white... I dunno, I really like it. I also like how the facial features make my av look like “Idgaf” xDD Works with the cigarette~ It comes with a ton of options, too. Three different freckles, rounder cheeks, and four different lips! :'D I showed a little bit of all!

A bunch of the accessories I have on are, again, from Luck of The Irish but I'm also sporting these cute glasses from ChiMia which are at Hadendale Village's new WEEKLY sales event! :'D Go and check that out because it's bound to be awesome. There are some things from our beloved Buttery Toast and Witches & Rats as well! :'D

This awesome tank top, which is complex and fun with a hint of bad assery is from Charm and is a new release. :D Beneath it I have another tank top release by Charm that has the sleeve on the one side having slid off for a little nip slip for all of you daring girls out there! Enough rambling, hm? I'm sure you wanna shop!


Body Stuffs;

Ari in Porcelain by Dead Apples !!New @ Skin Fair!!!
Noodle in Naturals by LCKY !!New!!!
Hime eyes in Jade by Buzzeri
S02 Kirei Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with Appliers by Random Matter

Clothing Stuffs;

Tank Girl 2 Tanktop by Charm
Kari Tank in Blue Swirl by Charm !!Both New Releases!!!
Marly Bellbottoms in Ombre 1 by Moon

Extras && Accessories;

Candy Horns in Blueberry by Forever Young !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Gci Cancer Mesh collar by Opopop
::Necklace 2::
Arabella Collar in Black by Random matter !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Necklace 3::
Tagged Necklace in Epic by Cute Poison !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Arabella Bracelet in Silver by Random Matter !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Bracelet 2::
Wrapped Bracelet in Ruby Slippers by Intrepid !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Ring #3 Caribbean in Silver by Emporium !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Ring 2::
Ring #4 Spike in Silver by Emporium !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Cute Robot in Purple by Toxic High !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Earrings 2::
Kawaii in teal by Pekka !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Slackers Etch-A-Geek in Blue by Geek !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Maria Sunglasses in Purple by ChiMia !!New @ Hadendale Village Market!!!
Rondure in Gold & Topaz by Ellabella !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Love Me by NikotiN !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Rock Belt shape 1 in Fishbones/Purple/White chains by Malice & Malice
I Gangsta Holster in Problemsolver by Alterego !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Ari Soft Freckles by Dead Apples
Ari Rounder Cheeks by Dead Apples !!Both New @ Skin Fair!!!
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel
Poses by Blah!


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