Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In times of need she looks to the stars

The sky has always been somewhere I've... been entranced by. Perhaps that's why I oh so adored the last found of C88 for being super nova. It's so mythical and mysterious, it can hold all the good and bad anyone can imagine, but cannot reach. It represents goals, wishes, darkness, and fears all at once. It's as if it, in itself, is balance...


Balance is something I think is important to have in life, and with too much of a tip on one side of any scale things are bound to fall one way or another. In times of needed balance, I think it's nice to look to the sky and try to gather my thoughts. As my anxiety began increasing, my sky grew ever darker, to the point there was nothing to look up to any longer. Within all that darkness lovebug became my one glimmer of light. Now life is trying to dilute his shine until it, too, is nonexistant. It'll never happen, of course, I'll always see his shine... but I've become really aware of a few other stars that have sprung up in my sky recently. Almost painfully aware.

At first it was one simple shine, and then two, and before I knew it I had my own little stary sky. I'd like to give a little mention to those people. Those who, in dark times when neither lovebug nor I can actually think outside of our panicked state can give us advice through a clear mind. Those who, despite arguments never belittle how much one has done for the other and not only acknowledges the importance of our roles in each other's lives but respects that not all can agree and that sometimes if it's too hard you just have to walk away because when it comes down to it some people are just bad for each other. Those who, despite not thinking they have a large role say little things that can not only cheer me up but make me feel like I have meaning.

Lili, Pepper, Val, you are all quite bright stars in my sky. <3

I noticed more though, all the girls that come to hang out with us every Friday night, be it for the freebie Gacha doubles we give out or the spam of new lolita prints or mention of stores where you can get cheap/quality stuff or custom sized stuff to bring our fashion love in to the real world or just people who adore to stare at us jumping around in our frills and grace us with your presence. You're all stars in my sky. :]

Designers who don't give up no matter how they're crapped on or misjudged. Hated, or trash talked... belittled or downed... those who have the fight, you're all stars in my sky. Well, not just designers. Anyone, really. The strength to push on no matter what makes anyone a star.

Each and every one of you who come to read my ranty posts be them about clothes or about random goodies, you're all stars in my sky. <3

Stars are important, and in times of need... I look to the stars.

Need a star? I'm Chobii Resident in world and I can't guarentee that we'll get along but I can promise I'll try! Maybe my group of stars can grow, and yours as well. :D <3


I think my facination with the sky is also why I loved this dress so much. Yes, it's lolita, too, and that got me... but it's a template and I try oh so hard not to blog too many of those. Not because those who just texture them are doing less work, but because I feel like everything begins to look the same with templates and that designers who take the time to not only 3d model, but also rig and hand paint their own textures derve a little more show than they get on a lot of the blogs I see. Recolors on templates are oh so common, but someone who uses them as a guide to create art in their own little way is still a treat. I feel like this dress is kind of there. I love the added ruffle that makes it long enough to cover my knees (Which pleases me since I think knees are a little.. weird? XD)

THESE SOCKS are another thing that pleased me oh so much. They're from my newly beloved Buttery Toast, who you've all heard me ranting about before. They're called the Ribbon Socks and they're not even her newest! Just WAIT until I show you the toeless ones. HNG!!! I think ALL of her socks are worth a pick up! THESE THOUGH. The lace, the bows, the lines along the sock that gives them a little hint of realism. THE BOWS. Did I mention the BOWS?! I really love the work she's done on her mesh skirts, too!! I really need to shopping spree there!! Later this week I have adorable cat body suits from her to show you (Maybe tomorrow, even!) soso keep an eye out, and here's a LM!!!

Last oh so honorable mention of tonight are these AMAZING heels by Mango Cheeks which can be picked up in the first room of Chapter 4. You get TWO PAIRS of SLINK MEDIUM HEIGHT shoes for 199L Not only are they AMAZINGLY (I feel like Billy Mayse<SP?) affordable, but hnngg the butterfly type bow on the back makes me cream! Good thing the stockings are white, hm? ;D


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
Tamora Long in Hud 01 by Chemistry
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Starlett Lashes in Black by Glam Affair !!Gacha!!!
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink Worn with appliers by MV
Medium Height Woman's feet by Slink worn

Clothing Stuffs;

Beta Four by Ellabella W/ Optional Ruffle
Ribbon Socks in Dark Blue by Buttery Toast
Rechereche Heels in Robin by Mango Cheeks !!Now @ Chapter 4!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Beta Necklace in Four by Ellabella
::Necklace 2::
Chained Hearts Collar in Emerald by The Sugar Garden
::Necklace 3::
Planet Lover Charm necklace in Single by Yummy
::Necklace 4::
Galazias Necklace in Green by Noodles
::Wrist Cuffs::
Lolita Wrist Wraps in Olive by Devious Minds !!Gacha!!!
Random Encounter Ring in Espresso by Frogstar !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Ring of Love Heart Ring in With Love by B.C.C !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Bow::
Rose Clip by Chemistry
::Face stars::
Face Stars in Indigo by Ni.Ju !!Gacha!!!
Planet Lover Earrings by Yummy
Lapin No. 1 by ANC !!Gacha!!!
Mes Lunettes DIY in Chat Fleur Gris by NuDoLu !!Gacha!!!
Unicorn Clutch in White by Offbeat
Yuki_Tama Lip 08 by OO
Glossy Lp Highlights in 3D by Izzie's
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel

Poses by Demise


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