Saturday, March 15, 2014

Surprise Saturday Post! Fairy Kei Night!!!

Not even formatting this one, because it's a quickie! There's a Fairy Kei event tonight with some freebies and some dancing and some DJs and some fun!

As per the note card

"A magical night of music and fun! Hosted in the Gears Club on Amatsu Shima Island. It will be held March 15,2014 from 6pm-9pm second life time. Live entertainment and DJ's! There will be a grand prize of 1000 L for the best guest in Fairy Kei! 

This event was made possible by  our wonderful sponsors; Blue Blood, Bubblez Design,Batsu and Buttery Toast. 

So come on down to Gears for an enchanting evening of fun,music and prizes!

If anyone has any question please contact Anastacia Cioc.

Thank you!"

Come join us! :D


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