Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck O' Irish & Kustom 9. Happy Day!!!

Happy Day of St. Pattiness! I, oddly enough, made this outfit without thinking that St. Pattie's Day was soon. I just wanted to play with the stuff I got this week and loved from Kustom 9 and Luck Of The Irish. Yes, of course I went to Luck Of The Irish. I have an addiction to Gachas!

In addition to this amazing top and skirt made by MotiAme for this round of Kustom 9, I have these new eyes on by Song. I normally don't buy eyes... they all look to similar for me. But Thheeeese. <3 I also, of course, did the 25 for 25 hunt! It happens monthly, people, you should have been expecting it! XD <3 I'm sorry I'm late in showing you these, but I have goodies for you that are only 25L a snag!!! Looove this hunt! Also, Gacha goodies!!

I'm LOVING these cute little winged headbands and bubbles on the bobbly bands. As well as the ADORABLE shoes I have on. I mean, come on? Do shoes GET cuter? These are a rare, sadly, but the normal colored ones are still cute!! I played a bunch even after the rare because I liked them all so much!!! The adorable jewelry I have on I also snagged at Luck Of The Irish, only goodies NOT brand spankin' knew are the adorable socks by Witches & Rats which I am late to showing you but still love to pieces and the cute little buddy I have on me that I grabbed from Silent Sparrow while I bought their fifty linden friday items, because those were a must haaave. :D <3


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Skinfair!!!
Maisy in Light Browns by Truth !!New!!!
Sweety eyes in Grass by Song !!New @ Kustom 9!!!
S02 Kirei lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink with appliers by Flair
Fantasy Elf Ears in Short by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;

Sheer Blouse in Black by MotiAme !!New @ Kustom 9!!!
Flared Skirt in Green by MotiAme !!New @ Kustom 9!!!
Sweet Heart socks in Black by Witches & Rats
Puddle Hopper Boots in Green Clovers by Geek !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Shadowcat Necklace in Jade Green by MV !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Kawaii Sweet Goo Watch in Lime by Epic !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Knuckle Ring infinity in black by GFD
Knuckle Ring point in black by GFD !!Both New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Ring 2::
Cityscapes Ring in Black by Panik !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Head Wings::
Cartoon Wings in Grey by Anymore Store !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!
::Hair Band::
Bubblebee headband in green by Pekka !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Mona Earrings in Green by Bliensen + MaiTai !!Now @ 25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Deer-ee Buck Plush in Minty by Silent Sparrow
Rainbow Wand in Black by Luckie !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Celtic Stone Mask in Grey by Chimeric Fashions !!Now @ 25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Vintage Floral Clutch by Free Bird !!Now @ 25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Lower Leg Chain (Reattached to upper leg) by Death Row Designs !!New @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Light Freckles by The Sugar Garden
Beauty Mearks 2 by The Sugar Garden
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel

Adorkable Poses!


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