Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fairy Kei Night's Second Look!

I am SO pleased today. I got the new Sailor Moon track from my beloved Peppie and listened to it while cleaning some of my house, learned that I am -totally- free from something I've been dreading having to possibly face again, and got to talk to lovebug TWICE~ :D  After ALL that I got to spend the day with people I really enjoy talking to!!! I decided to share with you an up beat, fun, and happy look with you that I wore last Saturday at the Fairy Kei Night event I blogged about.

There is SO MUCH GOOD in this outfit. I was the T-shirt on the adorable Inu and HAD to have it since lovebug is my little princess. Horns are a newbie by Witches & Rats for Suicide Dollz. They are 100% original mesh and hand painted, as well as totally adorable. Horns can be worn with/without the bows and comes with a texture change hud for the bow/star. :'D I also have the AMAZING new backpack on from The Sugar Garden for this round of Kustom 9. It's so cute, I love the little wings around the word Kawaii and the small stars along the straps. As usual from TSG amazing detail! These amazing socks I have on are by Buttery Toast and were a gift for the Fairy Kei Night event. They're a special pastel version of her new Peep My Toes socks which you will be seeing later this week. O: Ilovehersocks. ;A;

Aahah I could go on and on since I'm in such a good mood. I HAVE to talk about this hair though. It. is. Perfection. Omg. Perfection. It's what I've always wanted my RL hair to look like. Haha I tried to mimic it on my Flickr. It's a new release from Magika so make sure you go snag it. Aaaah so much fun, just go shopping! :D


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D tone by The Sugar Garden
Shine in Huds 03 by Magika !!New Release!!!
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Braces Teeth in Color by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth with Appliers by The Sugar Garden
S02 Kirei Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with Applers by Random Matter

Clothing Stuffs;

Scoop neck crop top in my bf LOVES Pink! By The Sugar Garden
::Top 2::
Lillytop in Blueberry Star Night by HB's
Galaxy Girl in Purple by Buttery Toast
Fairy Kei Exclusive Freebie by Buttery Toast !!Now Available in Main Store!!
Cupid Creepers in Pink by The Sugar Garden. (Ankle bands in light purple, wings in light blue!)

Extras && Accessories;

Sweet Horns in Blue & Blue by Witches & Rats !!Now @ Suicide Dollz!!!
Kawaii Sweet Goo necklace in Grape by Epic !!Now @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Necklace 2::
Face Caps in multi rare by Pr!ck !!Now @ Big Show! Gacha!!!
My Night Bracelet
My Prisim bracelet by GFD !!Now @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Bracelet 2::
Kawaii Sweet Goo Watch in Mint by Epic !!Now @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Knuckle Ring in Point Silver by GFD !!Now @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Ring 2::
Cuppycake Ring in Silver by Panik !!Now @ Luck Of Irish!!!
Kawaii Stat PackPack in Baby BluexSilver by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Kustom 9!!!
My Kawaii Wings Gacha in PureCupidLove by Sugar Marmite !!Gacha!!!
::Face stars::
Face Stars in Blue by Ni.Ju
Ickle Crown Pink/Teal/Wings RARE by Buttery Toast !!Gacha!!!
Pink Plush B Rare by Oh La La !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
Princess Candy Wand in Fancy Lilac by HolliPocket !!Now @ Luck Of Irish!!!=
Heart shades in purle/plain by Buttery Toast
::Hair Pin::
Headband Roses in Pink by Ninety
::Hair ties on pigtails::
Cameo Ring in Blue/Silver and in Lavender/Silver by Violent Seduction !!Gacha!!!
Vinyl Star Garter in Light Blue/Silver by Violent Seduction !!Gacha!!!
Light Freckles & Beauty Marks 2 by The Sugar Garden
Baby Brow by The Sugar Garden
Bandage Cheek left by ChiMia !!Now @ 25 for 25 hunt!!!
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel

Kirin poses


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