Saturday, March 29, 2014


Sorry about being late again, hahah, but you're used to it with me now right?

So as we know this round of C88 is back to work and businessesy stuff! As much as I disliked the theme because it makes me think of sad things like my inability to work right now. It also made me smile to be able to think of when I can work again. It also made me think of how much work I've been doing on SL. Haha

So before I go on about the goods lemmie explain what I mean by work on SL. As I've mentioned I have a lolita group dedicated to the love of the lolita fashion. We've opened up a small mini mall on the ground floor of my homestead. :D It's open now and we've gathered a few stores that have the best in lolita accessories and cute things alike that can be used in almost any of the lolita sub genres. Violent Seduction, The Sugar Garden, Buttery Toast, Ni.Ju, Witches & Rats, and Amai decorate the place! There are group gifts in the HQ Which has a tea room, a reading room, and a gifts room! There will be more coming, but for now that's that and it's open! Some stores have Friday night sales for the meets due to that being our meeting night. Please remember it's a homestead, so try to keep your scripts low when visiting. <3 There are 6 extra Gacha items hidden on the sim from the meet last night that I'm leaving throughout the week. :D

On to these goods. THIS. DRESS. Omg I died when I saw it. It's everything I think the modern day business woman would love. Tight, sexy, short, but still very... well.. modest since the goods ARE covered. It leaves some to the imagination and keeps it businessy still while giving it the sex appeal and flair any woman would want. (Ok maybe not ANY woman but you know, I generalize LOL) These amazing glasses are a snag from this round of kustom 9 and are so darn cute and classy all at once AHH. <333 Last but oh so not least are these amazing shoes from the secret store. The detail on them and the texturing is TO. DIE. FOR. So make sure you get over to C88 to snag most of this and some other goodies for all your SL business needs before it closes! <33

But there's more! Yes! More! Paired with this awesome outfit I have a new skin on by OkkBye which is available at the Skin Fair which ALSO closes soon. I got the sunlight tone since it appealed to me most, but all the skin tones are delicious.

Loving freckles and all so much I also picked up the cosmetics pack which has a ton of freckle and beauty mark/mole options. I honestly didn't try a single one I -didn't- like! This baby has available appliers for the azz, hands, feet, and tangos sos grab it while you can because the detailing and shading on it is BEAUTIFUL.

One more thing before I go. TUESDAY OPENS THE CUTIE MOON FAIR. ARE YOU EXCITED? I AM! In anticipation, Witches & Rats made these adorable Sailor Moon nails! Snag them at the grenade free weekend sale @ her Jersey Shore shop!! <3 I'm really done now. MUAHMUAH


Body Stuffs;

Marina in Sunlight by OkkBye !!Now @ Skin Fair!!
Moonage Daydream in Girl Next Door by Clawtooth
Kawaii eyes in Blue by Chop Shop
S02 Kirei Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with appliers by Witches & Rats
Slink Medium Height feet worn !!Needed for shoes!!
Stretched ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;
Meili Shrug in Lace by Static
Working Girl dress in Navy by Katatonik !!Now @ C88!!
Bow Tights #03 RARE by Emporium !!Now @ Luck Of irish!!!
Oxford Heels in black and white by The Secret Store !!Now @ C88!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Working Girl Tie by Katatonik !!Comes with Dress. Now @ C88!!!
Sweet Attitude in Black by Just You Jewels
Xoxo Ring by Emporium !!Now @ Luck Of Irish!!!
::Ring 2::
Believe Ring in hers by AMD
::Ring 3::
My Mustache Ring in Navy by Trs
::Ring 4::
Butterfly Ring in White by PMS !!Now @ Luck Of The Irish!!!
The Business Woman's Keyboard Clutch by Olive !!Now @ C88!!!
Noir Lolita Shades by Luxe !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Mera Piercing Full in Black by Ni.Ju
Galactic Lip in Indigo by Nox
Glossy Lip Highlights by Izzie's
OkkBye Cosmetics Beauty Marks -all-
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel
Tintable Dolly blush by Candy Mountain
Poses by Imeka


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