Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cutie Moonie, opening up to you soon!!!

It's so close! In just THREE hours Cutie Moon Fair opens and lets us see ALL of it's riches and amazement and aaahhh.... I'm going to be asleep. It'll probably be full for gods knows how long, but I have therapy in the morning for the first time in like two months due to personal issues, so I'm giving up my cutie moon possible advantage (and by that I mean mass spam tping in at like 3am my time) to sleep so I can go to therapy. Never fear though, I have some goodies for you to hype you up!!! <33

I have two of my favorite items from the fair that I've seen so far (Haven't gotten in yet!!) which are the AMAZING staffs from The Sugar Garden and this AMAZING fitted mesh uniform made by Violent Seduction. I have to say, nothing about these wands disappoints me. The owner put her own spin on EACH piece making it just close enough to leave that delicious feel of nostalgia from our CHIlDHOODS... but keeping them original in her own little ways. LOVE them.

This amazing hair is a freeb from the Taketomi group and is something I have been looking for my WHOLE SL life!!! I added the buns from Illmatic because it reminds me of Luna's hair when she's in her human form. YES. I WENT THERE. I'MMA MOONIE BOOS. I LOVE THE SAILOR MOONS!! So this uniform. It's fitted, it's short, it's flared, it's PERFECT. I just. Love it. So much! I went for Neptune colors because I really love them, though I am a moonie at heart forever. I could go on and on and on, I could! But this post is to hype YOU up. Soon it'll open! And we'll be able to get in. Well you will! Get your lindens ready bbies!!


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Quele in Brown by Taketomi !!Group Gift!!!
Kawaii Kawaii in Chocolate by Illmatic
Depth Eyes in Apples by Ni.Ju
Flesh Eater Teeth in Open by Ni.Ju
O.M.G mouth by Loud Mouth with Appliers by The Sugar Garden
S01 Kawaii Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with appliers by Flair
Medium height woman's feet by Slink worn

Clothing Stuffs;
Eternal Uniform in Neptune by Violent Seduction !!New @ Cutie Moon!!!
Jingle Heels in White/Gold by The Sugar Garden

Extras && Accessories;

Henshi Compact necklace by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Cutie Moon!!!
The Scout's Tiara Bracelet in Mini Moon Gem by Olive
Prism Power Ring in Neptunexgold by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Cutie Moon!
::Ring 2::
Prism Power Ring in Uranusxgold by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Cutie Moon!!!
::Ring 3::
The Scout's Tiara Ring in Mini Moon Gem in gold by Olive
Sugar Wings in Blue by Peachy
::Hair Bow::
Elmyra's Vinyl Bow in Blues and greens by Happy Undead
Shimmer Crown in Baby Blue by Luckie
Pegasus Huggie by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Cutie Moon!!!
Disguise Pen in Pink by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Cutie Moon!!!
Eternal Staff by the Sugar Garden !!New @ Cutie Moon!!!
Spiral Heart Rod in Aqua by The Sugat Garden !!New @ Cutie Moon!!!
Face Gems 1 in Sapphire by B&C
Gel Linger in Emerald by Buzzeri
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel
Freckles & Moles 3 by Okkbye
Bloody Knees 01 by SU

Poses by Elephante Poses


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