Thursday, April 17, 2014

Epic Qi & Tsg

Eeee, I'm late with this one and I am so sorry for making you guys wait a day. I derped up my sleep schedule so hard, lmao. So last night as I was working on my post I'm thinking it's like 7pm and it's like 11pm. XD Lovebug's on a sleep at 10pm schedule. Sooo I'm sorry, but I'm working to poop out both posts I owe you all today! :'D <33

Epic has an adorable dress styled after super fun and sweet candy qi lolita at the Big Show. We all know how I feel about templates, so I stay away from a lot of things I find at events that I know are templates, and even though this is shorter than I would prefer for lolita... the colors... the candy.. the fun. I love how Epic is making templates her own recently by adding boobie appliers and really using creatively each face and all. Might always have been, but I'm more of a cover it up kinda girl so I never looked well enough. ;3; I love it so. <3

This hair. Is. My. Everything. Omg. It's a new release by Lcky and it makes me so, so, sooo happy. Just... it's so big.. and detailed... and pretty. ;~; What is your first instinct when you see huge hair? Mine is to FILL IT WITH STUFF! So that's what I did! Wanna know all the little goodies I have hidden! I'll keep short for credits time! <3

JUST KIDDING. I have two awesome new releases for you by The Sugar Garden that are available now at the Cosmetics Fair. Above are the Mori Eyes which absoutely stole my heart. New forever eyes. I love the coloring of them and the shine. It comes with the option for a bigger shine as well, but I'm showing off all small shines. <3 Below are lips called the Sparkle lips all shown on the Loud Mouth. <3

Now you can have credits. ;D

Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Alcohol in Naturals by Lcky !!New!!!
Mori Eyes by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Cosmetics fair!!!
All colors shown
Hazel worn with outfit
Braces in Colorful by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth
O.M.G by Loud mouth
Lip Appliers by The Sugar Garden
Sparkle Lips all colors shown
Berrykiss worn with outfit !!Now @ Cosmetics Fair!!!
S02 Kirei Lashes by FTL
Starry Eyelashes by Lovely Alien
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink
Nail appliers by Witches & Rats
Magical Girl nails
High Woman's feet worn by Slink

Clothing Stuffs;
Melty Qi Lolita Dress in Sherbert by Epic !!Now @ The Big Show!!!
Twinkle Tights in Lilac by Atomic
Lolee Plats in Teal by VinCue !!Now @ The Big Show!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Flaffy Bondange Cuff in Salmon by Candy Mountain
Cat Bag Grey by Tentacio
::Hair Bow::
The Fancybow in Sky/Pink by Fappy
Crowned Jewel Hairbow in hot Pink by The Sugar Garden
Elmyra's Bow in Blues & Greens (x2) by Happy Undead
Rose Ribbon Hair Accessory in Old Orange by Ambrosia
Candy Crown in Silver (Small Size) by Witches & Rats !!Now @ 100 Block!!!
Uni-ee in Summer by Silent Sparrow
Baby Cornsnake Arm Coil in Pink Heart by Half Deer
Mochi in Blueberry by Amai !!New!!! Gacha!!!
Bunny Ears Ultra Rare (From Mochi Gacha) by Amai !!New!!!
Easter Egg Porcelain Earrings in ZigZag by Freebird !!Now @ Eden Rising!!! Gacha!!!
Ickle Crown in Purple/Teal W/wings RARE by Buttery Toast !!Gacha!!!

Poses by Imeka.


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