Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Auto Crafting && Kustom 9!! :'D

Not much talking coming from me this week, my honeybunnies~ Lovebug is home and we've started FF14 and eeee. I'm having so much fun! You shop, I'll grind. ;D Literally. All day -and- night. <3

I will say that this outfit by MotiAme is -amazing- and I -love- how cute and casual it is and these shoes I found on the MP -stole- my heart. I love the bone heels. I did all of this while auto crafting to get my cooking skill up! XD <3 Hence the names. Muahmuah!


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Kana in Dark Browns by Taketomi !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Mori Eyes in Hazel by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Cosmetics Fair!!!
Human Teeth in Sexy by Shine
Brandee By Loud Mouth
Lip Appliers by The Sugar Garden
Sparkle Lips in Perfume (light) !!Now @ Cosmetics Fair!!!
C01 Natural Lashes by FTL
Starry Eyelashes by Lovely Alien
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn
Nail appliers by Buttery Toast
Scouts Nails in Pluto
High woman's feet worn

Clothing Stuffs;
Custier in Cream by MotiAme !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Lace Skirt in Pink by MotiAme !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Jean Jacket in Light by MotiAme !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
My Ripped Sheer Stockings by Utopiah
Lio Love Skull in Pink by T.C

Extras && Accessories;

Kinbaku Heart in Long/Silver by Maxi Gossamer !!Now @ Fameshed!!
Painted Rustic Bangle in Bunny by Half Deer !!Ozimal's Hunt Prize!!!
::Bracelet 2::
Painted Rustic Bangle in Pysanka by Half Deer !!Ozimal's Hunt Prize!!!
Kinbaku Heart in Large/Silver by Maxi Gossamer !!Now @ Fameshed!!!
::Ring 2::
My Captive Rings in Black by Utopiah
Crysantha Circlet by Over A Lark
Ova Piercing by Cute Poison in Black
Avanti Shadows in Rose by Random Matter !!Now @ Cosmetics Fair!!!
My Freckled Blush (light freckles) by Utopiah !!Now @ Cosmetics Fair!!!


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