Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring in Japan in Murika! xDD

Japan Fair, Japan fair! Spring in America Japan Faairr! Hahaha. I had a lot of fun at Even Rising and C88 this month -already- man. I lovelovelove the spring theme it's so cute and vibrant and lovely and ahh~ I also got a super sweet MESHIE outfit from MotiAme for the Japan Fair! My d├ęcor today is using a bit from both! :D

Japan fair has a few goodies, which will be this week's Coab so don't forget to check it out and snag them before they're gone, and they also have this huge under water area with whales and stufff.. it was cool but terrifying for me because my first adventure alone on SL I fell in to a tank with sharks and got killed. Not like real killed, SL avs don't die.. but like. Omg. XD

I've had this hair for so long and omg I've loved it SO much. It's from Tram and one of their two long rigged mesh styles I loove. Accessories are from all over but one of my favorites is the mirror from Witches & Rats that comes with one of the poses I'm using and can be yours from the Vanity fair!!! I am also like dying in love over these Gem bracelets that they have out at the newest round of Suicide Dollz. <3 HNGGG <33 The nails I have on are the Witches & Rats group gift for the Lolita Haven group!


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
C604 Hair in Classic Black tinted to brown with extra cat ears by Tram
Depth Eyes in Apple by Ni.Ju
O.M.G Teeth V2.0
O.M.G mouth by Loud mouth
Lip appliers are the Luna lips in smarties by The Sugar Garden
S02 Kirei lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn.
Nail appliers are Lolita Haven's newest Group Gift by Witches & Rats !!New!!!
Woman's flat feet by slink worn
nail appliers by Adore & Abhor

Clothing Stuffs;
Rinka Hakama in Cyan by MotiAme !!Now @ Japan Fair!!
Princess Socks in Sheer blue by The Sugar Garden
Geta Sandals in White by LP

Extras && Accessories;

Gemmed Bracelet in Pink & Blue by Witches & Rats !!!Now @ Suicide Dollz!!!!
Shugah wingz in Aqua by Luckie !!Gacha!!!
Bubble Goth Headband in Pink/Silver by Lust Creations !!Gacha!!!
Elephant by Mishmish !!Now @ C88!!!
Star+Chup Blueberry Tongue by VinCue !!Gacha!!!
Hiougi-02 Purple by M'S Avon !!Now @ Japan Fair!!!!
Mirror...mirror prop & Pose by Witches & Rats !!Now @ Vanity Hunt!!!
Face Gems 1 in Amethyst by B&C
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel
Cutiepie freckles by Buzzeri
Poses by Glitterati & Witches & Rats

::Balloon Chairs::
Air Chair in Watercolors/Pastels by Flowey !!Now @ C88!!!
::Grass field::
Self Picnic in Violet by Flowey !!Now @ C88!!
::Cutie Gardens::
Happy Mini Garden 1 & 2 By BananaN !!Now @ Eden Rising!!!
::Bird House::
Shabby Bird House in Cayenne by Blueberry Hill !!Now @ Eden Rising!!!
::Egg & Flowers::
Felt Flowers by Blueberry Hill !!Now @ Eden Rising!!!


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