Friday, April 4, 2014

Charmed Life

I lovelovelovelove things that make me feel like a house wife, I have to say, and this release by Charm oh so does that for me.

I really like the cut of this dress and the simple way the designer textured it. SADLY I don't have much other new stuff to show you with this, but man oh man does it make me happy. These tights were a snag from the last big show by Chary. Have to say -LOVE- their make-up and socks. Sososo awesome. I got this adorable bag from NuDoLu at the arcade, which is over, I know.. but should be in their main store soon!

This skiin, aaahh, I can't wait for it's full release. It's the Vanilla version of Sora that Pink Fuel put out for A&A's 6th anniversary. I love all of Sora's releases so far and am dyying for the whole thing. The shading on the lips and everything is just OH so perfect.


Body Stuffs;

Sora in Vanilla by Pink Fuel
Chiharu in Dark Browns by Taketomi
Depth Eyes in Apple by Ni.Ju
C01 Natural Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands worn by Slink with appliers by Flair
Medium Height Slink feet worn

Clothing Stuffs;
Ana Dress in Pink Dots by Charm !!New Release!!!
White Gradient Tights in Coral by Chary
Red Riding Hood shoes in black by Kalopsia

Extras && Accessories;

Tokyo Party Night by Maxi Gossamer
Rubbons & Pearls bracelet in plastic pink by Whippet & Buck
::Bracelet 2::
Alphabet Charm Bracelet in C by La Petite Morte !!Gacha!!!
Ma Petite Lapinou in Fleur Rose by NuDoLu !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Bow::
Stripe Ribbon hair accessory by Hal Hina
Freckles & Moles 1 Cosmetics by OkkBye
Tintable Dolly Blush by Candy Mountain

Adorkable poses


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