Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scouts Day off!!!

Oh. Mah. Gah. This hair. Is. AHH. The perfect like.. after sex too cool for life hair. I just. Can't even. As if that didn't make it -awesome- it's KINDA fitted mesh (Makes me lol every time) and can be YOURS if you hit up the biiiiig show.

These socks by Buttery Toast have been one of my everythings ALL week. Like. AHH. Omg. I love them so much! They made me want to do a Scouts day off type look, so when this Chobit sailor Plutotune isn't on duty she's chillin' in some scoutie socks and a pretty Gacha dress by Blue Blood. 8D

Which, yes, is another newish release. It's another one of Ghani's amazingly hand painted dresses which is an adorable use of a mesh template. These shoes are one of the first in an amazing line of slink heels by Death Row Designs. I snagged them at whore couture, but I saw them released elsewhere too. Haha. Shortie short short since I need to go to sleep soon. <3 Oh! Last note. I am so, so, so, sorry about Coab. I had the picture all done

See, but I deleted the outfit. I'm going to try and get the details for it together and give it to you guys tomorrow since I owe you a coabs! I hope you enjoy shopping for the night though because... this hair... these socks... and.. omg.. these... nails. <3 They're a Witches and Rats snatch from a Gacha. These are a rare but they're alll so much perfects. AHH. I just can't. Let's shop forever.

Before I go go though, the Co-Op opened it's first event, Eden Rising and the houka <Sp? And this awesome bench are both snags from that. I'm not much into kinky stuff and don't play like that on SL but O.M.G the positions on this are just. Ahh. There's even the cutest daddy dom menu with the cutest cuddles. ;A; <3


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Roma in Naturals by LCKY !!Now @ Big show!!! !!!Kinda Fitted Mesh!!!
Depth Eyes in Apple by Ni.Ju
Human Teeth in Sexy by Shine
Brandee Lips by Loud Mouth
Loud Mouth Applier is the new glosses by L'Douce Push !!Now@ Big Show!!!
So2 Kirei Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 hands worn
Nail Appliers are Gothika Slink Nails by Witches @ Rats Rare 02
High Height Slink Feet worn
Clothing Stuffs;

Demonic Doll in Green by Blue Blood !!Newish Release. Gacha!!!
Scouts Socks in Pluto by Buttery Toasts !!New & Witch attachable Leg gems!!!!
Whoreheels in Metallic Green by Death Row Designs

Extras && Accessories;

Krysis Choker – Maiya in Smoke by Plastik
::Necklace 1::
Dragon's Eye Necklace in Forest by TLB
Lolita Wrist Wraps in Olive by Devious Minds
Infinite Love Ring in Black by Baubles
::Ring 2::
My Big Plastic Heart Ring in Blood by Utopiah
::Ring 3::
Geek Ghostie Ring in Green by Geek
::Ring 4::
Atrim460 Ring in White by Geek
::Ring 5::
Infinity knuckle ring in Black by GFD
Forest Friends Coin Purse in Black Cat by GD
::Hair Bow::
Flower Headband in White by G Field !!Now @ Japan Fair!!!
Forest Babies Racoon by Birdy !!Now @ Chapter 4!!!
Glomps in Grass by Chus! !!With Tattoo!!
Freckles & Moles 3 by Okkbye
Tintable Flushed Blush by Candy Mountain
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel

Adorkable Poses


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