Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Charmed Beyond Time

I have to say, there isn't much I love more than book. Wonderfulwonderfulbooks. I can get lost in them for HOURSS. <3 Omg so many hours. This look was inspired by two things 1. this adorable little ensenmbe by charm and 2. BOOKS. :D

So we all know that I love simple and cute things. I have to say, this high waisted skirt with the delicious rear and adorable frills and BUTT BOW just hnnng I love it. I also love that the top comes with boobie appliers. I literally feel like a bad ass mafia dude's wife. However, I would HATE to be a mafia dude's wife, so I'd probably spend my days with my face in a book like Belle from Beauty and The Beast.

Aside from the Charm goodies, which are new releases there are a couple more releases from the Arcade I wanted to show you. We only have ONE WEEK left!!! O:


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Maiko in Browns 1 by Truth !!Now @ Arcade!!!
Galaxy in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Human Teeth in Sexy by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth
S02 Kirei Eyelashes by FTL
Elegant 1 hands by Slink with appliers by Adore & Abhor
Women's High Height feet by Slink work.

Clothing Stuffs;

Carly top in Black by Charm !!New!!!
Carly Skirt in White/Black by Charm !!New!!!
Riverton Sandal in Moonglow/Silver by Hucchi !!Now @ Collab88!!

Extras && Accessories;

Whinged Charm Necklace by Fusion
Darkness Girl by Just You Jewels
Post Apocalytpic Nerd rings in black by Death Row Designs
::Ring 2::
Anua Ring by Kosh
Watch Bag Pinao by Pesca
::Back jawn::
Anima Halo in Ivory by Aii
Alexander's pocket Watch by Ni.Ju !!RMK Bunny Hunt Prize!!!
Veil of Thorns in White/Black by Half Deer
Lost in a good book #14 Sleepy Hollow by Frogstar
Bolt Earrings in white by Miseria
Cutiepie Freckles – Heart by Buzzeri !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel
Poses by YoPulga

See yous tomorrow with an awesome outfit and SUPER exciting news~ ;A; <3


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