Thursday, March 6, 2014

Apron Lolita, fitted mesh!

So many new goodies to bring you, but this one comes with a full on new feature to Second Life; Fitted Mesh! Iki from Violent Seduction had a whole slew of awesome dresses sitting up in her office waiting on the “mesh deformer” that was rumored to be in the works. Rather than that though, they made 'Fitted Mesh” which is an entirely new rigging system for mesh that allows mesh to work with not ONLY most, if not ALL of the sliders so it forms to your shape but also with the physics sliders! Your goodie parts can even jiggle! :D

Unfortunatlety it's so new that Firestorm hasn't updated yet, so you need the newest version of the standard Second Life viewer to be able to properly see Fitted Mesh. Otherwise it looks a whole melted mess. In order to get a proper test done on it, Violent Seduction has put out this adorable Heart Apron dress in a Gacha for a mere 60L. PLEASE DEMO this before playing. It is rigged in an entirely new way and you may not like the way it looks on your shape due to it not conforming to a standard size any longer. Also READ THE ENCLOSED NOTE CARD(s) about fitted mesh! If, beyond that, you have problems with it please send Iki a NC with a picture describing your problem, so things can be NEAT and CLEAN by the time firestorm updates (Which should be soon I'm hearing!)

I feel like I'm going on and on about Violent Seduction today, but I'm still not finished! Iki's started making shoes for Slink feet and snatched herself a stall on the new Slink West sim which opens today. Due to this you can get these adorable heart heels and her gold version of the Skeleton heels for HALF OFF. HERE! I'd rant about everything else I have on, but I'm sure you're ready for credits! It's a bunch from the arcade anyway! :D


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
Drella in Naturals by Lcky
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
c01 Natural lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with appliers by Random Matter (Deathbow Nails)
Medium Height feet by Slink

Clothing Stuffs;

Apron Heart Dress in Lavender by Violent Seduction !!New. Fitted Mesh. Gacha!!!
Them Bones in Purple/White by Buttery Toast
Heart Heels in White by Violent Seduction !!New @ Slink West ½ OFF!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Cutey Collar in Pretty Kintty Lavender by Buzzeri
Moody Ring in Princess by Pretty Liar !! @ Suicide Dollz!!!
::Ring 2::
Pie Ring by Yummy !!New @ Arcade!!!
Kiss Me Bag in Pastel Purple 1 by Cocoroni
::Hair Bow::
Crowned Jewel Hairbow in White/Side by The Sugar Garden
::Face stars::
Star Face Tattoo by iKandy
::Crown & Scepter::
Kerfluddle Sheep in Blossom by Half Deer !!New @ Arcade!!!
White Wabbit Bear by Boogers !!New @ Arcade!!!
Bunny Drinking Tea by U.F.O !!New @ Arcade!!!!
Figaro the Classic Tuxedo Kitten by Intrigue Co. !!New @ Arcade!!!
Bunbit Chev by Schadenfreude !!New @ Arcade!!!
Yumyum Mochi Tray Hampster Green Tea Cream by B.C.C !!New @ Arcade!!!
Cake Pop in xoxo Lavender by Half Deer
Eyelashes – Dolly by Pink Fuel
Glossy Pout Lt. Tones Baby Pink by Pink Fuel
Tintable Dolly Blush by Candy Mountain

Poses by Elephante


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