Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mad Ponies

Alright lovelies here I have an urgent new release for you. It's a new release from Blue Blood called Mad Ponies. It's a release form Blue Blood in PASTELS. :D <333 It's on sale for right now in the Lolita Haven almost empty headquarters for only 150L!!! Go grab thaaat! LANDMAARK.

The lolita group's HQ is getting a HUGE make over, so it's a little messy but excuse it. SO THIS HAIR. I LOVE IT. OMG. It's Venus from Zero Style and I've paired it with Illmatic's BUUUNS. I honestly want to stick these buns on -everything- I have these adorable freckles on from Buzzeri which you can snag at this round of Kustom 9, one of Katatonik's hats from the arcade~~ Arcade ends in a WEEK so grab that shit babesss!

I also have these AMAAAZING socks on from Witches & Rats that are out for this round of Suicide Dollz! Hnnggg I love the glittery look and the driips. These adorable wings I got from Schadenfreude were for 50 linden fridday~ :D Cookies wings! I love them so muuch! Ahhh just here, have pictures and credits I'm so happy.


Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Venus in Chocolate Copper (Tinted) by Zero Style
Kawaii Kawaii in chocolate by Illmatic
Galaxy in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Braces teeth in color by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth
S02 Kirei Eyelashes by FTL
Elegant 1 hands by Slink with appliers by Adore & Abhor
Women's Medium Height feet by Slink work.

Clothing Stuffs;

Mad Ponies in Green by Blue Blood !!New Release!!!
Melty Stars in Grey by Witches & Rats !!New @ Suicide Dollz!!!
More Girly socks 02 Warmers by Honey Kitty
Adore Heels in Blue & Pink by Tea Soup

Extras && Accessories;

Doll Moutning Locket in Pink by Goth1c0 !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 1::
Mon Petite Chat du Cheshire by NuDoLu !!RMK Hunt Prize!!!
Lavender Mix Cutie Ribbon Bracelet by Honey Kitty !!Gacha!!!
::Bracelet 2::
Pink mis cutie ribbon bracelet by Honey Kitty !!Gacha!!!
We Love Gacha Ring in Panda White/Blue by Fappy
::Ring 2::
Winged Star ring in Blue by Witches & Rats
::Ring 3::
Hello Bow ring in Magenta by Candy Doll
Cotton Pink Shark Purse by Tentacio
Cookie wings by Schadenfreude
::Hair Bow::
Small Ribbon by Ni.Ju !!Previous group gift!!!!
Miss Imperial mini tiara in silver by Krystal
Tea time with alice white rabbit by U.F.O
::Eye Patch::
My Cupcake Patch in minty by Blah
Sweets in Lavender by Ni.Ju (LM) !!Gacha!!!
Kawaii Glasses Gacha in 6 by kMd !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Pin::
Shooting Stars hair clip in purple and blue by Witches & Rats
Cameo Hat in Pink Cupcake by Katatonik !!!Arcade!!!
Bat Headband in Pink by Witches & Rats
Cutiepie Freckles – Heart by Buzzeri !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Tintable dolly blush by candy mountain
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel



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