Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome home, daariiin~

Would you like your dinner? Or a bath...? Or...? o////o~ Dokidoki! So Mikazuki has sicken again, stabbing animu geeks in the hearts of their fantasies by releasing their named 'sexy apron' my name sexushii apronz. It comes with the AO/UVS or whatever it is you creators need, a few preloaded textres for those of us who cannot mod, a normal size and a anti-grav size. The apron fit with the Barkbark meow meow medium sized booty, so would fit with the small as well. Topping it off, I'm sporting Black Heart's new Kemono fancy feet which allow for the wearing of UNRIGGED and MODable SLINK MEDIUM and HIGH shoes, depending on which fancy feet you're wearing. A great addition to you fashion savy animu girls out there, hm? :* Mucho happy to bring all of this to you, a group I don't get to address often, so I'mma hit a home run! On the mans I have a new release from MotiAme at The Men's department. O: Ok so I'm just a double hitter. Lav yew~ :*


Body Stuffs;

Chobii: Rin in naturals pack by The Secret Hideout
Lovebug: t15 vt RedPanda
Chobii: The Tyr by .Olive.
Lovebug: Take it Easy in Blacks by Exile
Chobii: Eyes by Pomf (Can't remember which.. ;//;)
Hideki: Lillian eyes in Storm by Buzzeri
Chobii: M3 + by Utilizator
Lovebug: BJD 1 by Raven
Hime lashes by Candy Cutie on Chobii. None on lovebug.
Chobii: Fancy Feet in High by Black Heart
Chobii: Anti-Grav boobs by Black Heart
Chobii: Medium Butt by BarkBark Meow Meow
Chobii: Kemono by Utilizator
Lovebug is wearing standard body (lolololnoob<3)

Clothing Stuffs;
Sexy Apron by Mikazuki !!On Sale @ Main Store for Furry Fest!!!
My Strappy bow Pumps in White by Blah. !!!Available @ Whore Couture!!!
Kemono Bikini Bottoms in M by Bark Bark Meow Meow
Cardigan & Pants w/ Square End Tie by MotiAme !!New @ The Men's Department!!!
Vintage Wingtip Shoe in Brown by Phunk

Extras && Accessories;

Love Games Collar by Blah. !!Available @ WCF!!!


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