Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cicks & Dikdiks!

Ok so the name is probably inappropriate but I have chicken and dikdikss! Which are pretty much the cutest things ever. I thought a farm full of cute things was just what I needed considering I am the -cutest- farmer there errrr could be thanks to Katat0nik this round at the Arcade! I love, love, looove this outfit. It was only made 100 times more perfect when I coorded it with this adorable skin from the skinnery, hair from wasabi pills, and bloomers from Mikazuki! AND THESE EYESS~ They're so... awesomely strange. They're animated! I'mma put a .gif thing at the bottom. It's crazy. O3o Ranty Chobii needs to 'round the cocks up! Deets below loves. :*


Body Stuffs;

Yukiko in Honey by [theSkinnery]
Reiko Hair in Browns by Wasabi Pills
Immortal Pulse in Green by Aii the Ugly & The Beautiful
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project
Clothing Stuffs;
Bee Fitmesh Dress in Zom by Katat0nik !!!New @ Arcade!!!
Bloomers from Spark outfit by Mikazuki !!!Tinted to match!!!
Nylon Stockings in Ripped by Suicidal Unborn
Honeysuckle Firmesh Boots in Zom by Katat0nik !!New @ Arcade!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Bee Fitmesh Scarf in Purple by Katat0nik !!New @ Arcade!!!
Honeysuckle Hat in Zom by Katat0nik !!New @ Arcade!!!
Chihuahua dog in Chocolate by Genesis Lab !!New @ Showroom!!!
Dikdik in Various by +Half-Deer+ !!!New @ Arcade!!!
Knotted Dreamcatcher Necklace in Aqua by LUXE. !!New @ Uber!!!

Pose by LePoppycock. Chicken Included. :D

So I'm including a little GIF of how cute thiese dikdiks walk~
And how the eyes are animated

:* Bai~


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