Friday, March 27, 2015

Gamer's Retreat~

My idea of a gamer's retreat is a small get together of friends playing games and hanging out in utmost comfort... so I -really- love Katat0nik's heart panties from Level Up! Not only do I -love- running around in panties, but they make me think of Zelda which is a favorite of mine. With all my fears, a get together like the aforementioned would be all but terrifying for me, but Kat's got my back. Warhammer gacha also available at Level Up! So I ventured off my platform to hang out at Iokko's bedroom. Not Crediting the background because lordy lords I have no clue. I hope you gamers game the weekend away, and you not gamers do whatever tickles your goodie spots! A little more info below credits for those of you who care to know~

Body Stuffs;

Hope in Latte by .{Yumyums}.
Sweetsleep in Chapter I: Earth by Spellbound
Halo Eyes in Grass by Clem
Alli V.3.0 by .Loud Mouth.
Lara by Maitreya w/ gesture & elegant hands by Slink + flat female feet by Slink

Clothing Stuffs;
Love In Spring Angora Sweater in 02/03 by Off Beat !!Gacha!!!
Health Meter Panties in Blue by Katat0nik !!New @ Level Up!! !!!APPLIERS ONLY!!! !!For Maitreya & Slink!!!
Flup-flops in Chevron by Livalle

Extras && Accessories;
::Weapon of Choice::
Heart War Hammer in Red by Katat0nik !!Gacha @ Level Up!!!
My Love Collar in White by -Nomi-
Choco Drink by Tentacio !!Gacha @ Arcade!!
Set 119 by Flair
Freckles for Chob's from Stasey <3 by Pink Acid !!Coming Soon!!
Body Glitter Combo by Thottle !!New!! !!MP!!! !!!Omega Appliers!!! !!NO TMP. Q_Q!!!
Nerdism Glasses in Candy Tones by Geek !!! CLOSING SALE HAPPENING NOW!!!

So this is a little more edited than I'm used to, but my sister who I am going to be promoting like crayyyyy once she's finally here is getting on second life soon. She's comin' to be a designer and I am -so- excite. She's been teaching me some things though to make my blogging a little easier for days when I'm not feeling the best so I don't have to go on those hiatuses you see me go on here and there. I tested a bunch of things out today that she showed me and that I found with her advice. I hope you don't mind! >//<;


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