Tuesday, March 24, 2015

They said I could be anything~

They said I could be anything! So I became... a something. I really loved these accessories from Origami, and finally put them to use when I saw how cute these wings from *Epic * are. I missed being a cutie m3mono (Haha get it? Looks like memono rather than kemono since we're not furry!) so I slipped in to these awesome pants/chaps from Mikazuki, turned off the pant option, and put together a little lookie~ Lovebug has a cold, and I'm run down! So gonna be short. :*


Body Stuffs;

Rin in Pink w/ stitches by The Secret Hideout
Cutie Shag in Enchanting Brunettes by Clawtooth
Another World Eyes in Green by ::POMF::
M3+ by Utilizator
Queen Hime Lashes by Candy Cutie
Kemono Slurps in m3 Human by Impysh
Kemono Boobies type 1 in M by BarkBark//Meowmeow
Kemono by Utilizator
Clothing Stuffs;
::Tank & Panties::
Kemono Simple Heart undies & Spaghetti top by [LCKY]
Kemono Chaps by Mikazuki

Extras && Accessories;
Succubus Spider Web Chibi Wings in Lavender by *Epic * !!New @ Fantasy Collective!!!
::Face Mask::
Sakura Eyemask in 10 (secret) by Dyed Peon !!Gacha @ Origami!!!
Komachi Sakura Ears in Purple by Ayakashi Yokocho !!Gacha @ Origami!!!
Komachi Sakura Horns in Purple by Ayakashi Yokocho !!Gacha @ Origami!!
Komachi Sakura tree tail in Purple by Ayakashi Yokocho !!Gacha @ Origami!!!
::Wrist Chains::
Lock Me Chains in Silver by Dirty Stories
Adventure Wisps in Purple & White by The Mint Condition !!New @ Level up!!!
Pure Love Piercing in Silver by Axix
Upper Gum Piercing by Zombie Suicide

Magic Hands by PinkPantsu


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