Monday, March 30, 2015

Exhausted hunter...


My cold got worse, my temperature's rising, and I'mma takin' a break! At least for the day! No more hunting for this cutie master! Welcoming Ayashi and Dear Deer to my blog, showing you a MUCH better shot of Katat0nik's panties, and making sure you all know that Hope from Yumyums has been moved to the main store! :'D


Body Stuffs;

Hope in Latte by .{Yumyums}.
Sia hair in Browns by [^.^Ayashi^.^] !!Newish~!!!
Aura Eyes in Nebula by Buzzeri
Starry lashes by Lovely Alien
Lara by Maitreya w/ hands & feet by Slink
Clothing Stuffs;
Health Meter panties in Pink by Katat0nik !!New @ Level up!!!

Extras && Accessories;
The Cute Master Bunny Balls in Lilac and Pink & The Cute Master Ball in Mint & Blue by Dear Deer !!Gacha @ Level Up!!!
The Cute Master Cutedex in Pink & Lilac by Dear Deer !! Gacha @ Level Up!!!
For Love Collar in Candy & Silver by .{Yumyums}.
The Cute Master Cap in Pink by Dear Deer !!Gacha @ Level Up!!!
::Make-up & Tattoos::
Lipgloss by Buzzeri
Freckles by Pink Acid
Eyebrows by Buzzeri
Eyelashes by Pink Fuel

Sorry for the kinda lazy, hope I feel better tomorrow. ;~; <3


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