Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Last to cross the line...

Maaan~ >//< I go to take pictures today to find up Level Up is closed already. <...3 Heart break me, always last to cross the line! I did go fully dressed though, only to see that once again I'm last to cross the line. However all is not lost! Some of the items should still be available (and let's hope they all are! >////<;;)

I really love this hair by ploom and the different textures she added to her usual mix for the bows. The little car earrings from Gala Fashion Designs are also quite adorable, but have been added to Corvus's Dark Wing earrings because I like a little hang in my game. ;D Outfit is from the beloved Tsg and outside of it having no boobies and needing a tanktop, which is only a problem for me lololol, it's super adorable and perfect to go cheer on your favorite team or hold the flag for the winner.~ This necklace is one of the rares from the Yumyums machine at Oh My Gacha, and ohmahgacha <3 Love them all SO much.

I love all the head gears made for the Level Up event, they were all fun to play with... but I only have one head! Luckily the horns by geek gave me a little buddy so I let him wear Geek's helmet and my sheepie friend here is wearing the Cubic Cherry Kre-ations aviator helmet so I got to wear them all! Thank you little friends! ^__^ On top of MY head are the goggles by Violent seduction. I really love the simplicity of this set along with the very realistic details. As always everyone did really great... and I'm just late to showing you. BUUU

At least I'm pretty fast on these! These are a pair of wings you can pick up NOW at the Manga Fair!! I really liked the eyeball at the back! No one's cheating at the race with me watching!!! I could also go on and on and on about these shoes, at the manga fair.. but need I say more than BOWS? ;///; I'll stop ranting now, enjoy and good luck getting anything you wanted! I hope it's still available! >//<;

Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Boomer in Browns by Ploom
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Human Teeth in Sexy by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Lip Appliers by Nox
Dolly Lips in Red
S01 Kirei Lashes by FTL
Starry Eyelashes by Lovely Alien
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink Worn
Nail appliers by Figure
Wheel Nails in Blue
High Feet by Slink Worn

Clothing Stuffs;
Cute Lace Shirts in Black by Crazy Kitty
Racer Girl Dress in Baby Blue by The Sugar Garden
Candy Stripper Shoes in Black by Heartistic !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Plastik Candy in Electrik (Rare) by Yumyums !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
::Arm Warmers::
The Race Armwarmers in White by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
The Kawaii Eyes wings in Grey/White by PANIK !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Build Me Up Horns in Dark by Geek
::Lego man Helmet::
Go Go Speed Helmet in Black by Geek
Motoring Goggles in Ice by Violent Seduction
Aries Sheepie in Licorice by Adore & Abhore
::Sheepie Helmet::
Roo Aviator Hat in White by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
Brumbrum Earrings in Black by Gala Fashion Designs
Dark Wing Earring by Corvus
High Maintenance Blush by The Sugar Garden
Cutiepie Freckles – Heart by Buzzeri
Poses by Unorthodox

Summer Of Love Exclusive Poses !!Available NOW!!!


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