Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Break~

Hello again my beauties! So many events! I got paid yesterday so I spent the day shopping. Haha! I hit up aoooo many different places! I made a really fun look using a butch of different items from the Manga Fair and the Summer of Love event!

I also have a new skiin to show yooou~ This is a release at the Manga Fair by Pink Acid called Jakki and boy oh boy did I feel adorable in it. I had a little trouble taking pictures in all of the tones and started laughing that the skin sturggle is real. I got them all though!!

These pants are so cute and fun to me. I've always loved the fact that they're so loose and flowy like a skirt. I want me some irl terrabad. Haha. This shirt by LDP stole my heart too. Soo cute, casual, and comfortable looking!!! Hair is another manga fair pick up, it's by Ayashi and I really love the hime cut bangs with the side ponytail. Something I'd to to my hair for real if it wasn't so curly!! Haha. My favorite though HAS to be the moon backpack because I really love things like that and would doddle around all day with my goodies inside one of these! I added a bunch of nerdy accessories, like Buttery Toast's Otaku necklace and Mad Echo's Japanese emotes all of which, with the bag, I got from the manga fair to show off my nerd love! :D <33


Body Stuffs;

Jakki in Cream by Pink Acid !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Marise in Browns by Ayashi !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Realistic Prim Teeth by Pink Acid
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Lip Applier by Pink Acid
Jakki skin/lip Applier
C01 Natural Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink Worn
Nail Appliers by ZOZ
!!Available at Summer Of Love Event!!!
Flat Feet by Slink Worn
Nail Appliers by ZOZ
!!Available @ Summer Of Love Event!!!
Clothing Stuffs;
Summer Top in orchid by LDP !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!
Black Dubi Pants by Holly !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!
Lyri Sandals in White by Mimosa !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!

Extras && Accessories;

In The Name Of Cats in Black by Buttery Toast !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
::Necklace 1::
Otaku in Purple by Buttery Toast !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Halo Bracelet in Black by Mimosa !!Gacha @ Summer Of Love!!!
::Bracelet 2::
In The Name Of Cats in Black by Buttery Toast !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Heart + Wings Ring in Lila by Pekka !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
::Ring 2::
Moondust Ring in Pastels by Brixley
Moon Bag in Snow by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Tak-kun Kitty Plush in White Tiger (Rare) by Layover !!Gacha @ Manga Fair!!!
Star Me Up Glasses in Black by Bubble !!Gacha @ Summer Of Love!!!
My Sweet Butterflies Chain in White by Pervette !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!
Manga Expressions in Chu by Mad Echo !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Num Num in Takoyaki by Tentacio
My Freckled Blush by Utopiah
Dolly Eyelashes by Pink Fuel

Poses by Image Essentials poses available now @ Summer Of Love


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