Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chillin' in

I don't know what you loves like more. Talkie or picturies? Haha. I don't expect comments or anything, but I do always wonder. I figure I try to do a good mix of both, because really.. what good is just seeing something and buying it when you can hear about how cool it is too? O: <3

I was going for a lol I'm just sittin' in look. You know how those girls do. Acting like they kawaii fo' life and were born with accessories and make-up on! XDD Luckily, getting dresssed up to laze around in second life is easy, so I see no harm or no foul in doing it. Y'know? I gotta say, my d├ęcor is love. I grabbed some from some events, being fit for a princess' last round, this round of Oh My Gacha and Fameshed being other places I got stuff from! <3

On to the outfit, huh? This comfortable lookin' piece is a goodie from Lolita (Which actually sells no lolita fashion items, please don't get the name mixed up haha) at the Manga Fair. I paired it with some accessories from Oh My Gacha, one being these tights which I was SO enthused to find out had not only Azz but Wowmeh appliers as well <333 Good for all to know, huh? Of course slink as well. Other amazingness I got is the beaded set on my forehead and feet from Blah which is also available at the Manga fair. These babies would be good in any kind of cute/comfortable setting or RP setting. They're so versitile I love them so much. I also plan to lolita with them at some point because hnnng do I love small details and decorations!

This is available in not just hearts but in a cross and a star as well! :D Hngggg. The wings I'm wearing are another goodie from the new store Sweet Things, which can be found at the manga fair but don't stop there in looking for her goodies! The detail in this bracelet takes my BREATH away and is a snag from the Candy Shop. Speaking of candy I'm also loving this new lollipop from The Sugar Garden. So cute and SOO simple. Ahh, I could go on and on. I know even with lots of pictures there's times even I should shut up! <3


Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Hope in Light Browns by Truth !!New Release!!!
Awake Eyes in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Realistic Prim Teeth by Pink Acid
Brandee By Loud Mouth
Lip Applier by Pink Acid
Jakki Lip Gloss in Baby Doll !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink Work
Nail Appliers by Pekka
Gradient Nails !!Available @ Manga Fair!!!
High Feet by Slink Worn
Clothing Stuffs;
Farrah Jumper in Pink by Lolita !!Now @ Manga Fair!!
Sugarbone Thigh Highs in Sugar Crush by Abrasive !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Mrs Bear Necklace by Bubble !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
::Necklace 1::
Cookie Necklace in Eat Me Pink/Blue by Spellbound !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Chocolate Charm bracelet in Strawberry by Sweet Thing !!Now @ Candy Shop!!!
Creatures Ring in Cat/Candy by Utopiah !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Girleh Boweh Ring in Barbie by HolliPocket !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
::Ring 3::
Heart Me Rang in Coral Pink by HolliPocket !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
::Ring 4::
Star Salmon Ring by Bubble !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Mesh Animal Bag in Triangular Ears by NS !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Angel Minis in Pastel Pink by Sweet Thing !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
::Hair Bow::
Charmed Bowwie in Cute/Pink by Sugar Marmite !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
My Serenity Head Chains in Heart Charm by Blah !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Neko Happy Cat in Grey by Layover !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
My Serenity Feet Chains in Heart Charm by Blah !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
Lollipop Love in Watermelon by The Sugar Garden !!New Release!!!
Cutiepie Freckles in Heart by Buzzeri
Noe Compatible Kawaii Anime blush by The Sugar Garden

Unorthodox Poses !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!


Bed; Trompe Loeil - Roanna Bed Velvet !!Now @ Fameshed!!!
Poster; [ free bird ] Smell Of Summer Canvas !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!
Decals; Plethora - Scenescape Lights - Cityscape (rare) !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Plethora - Scenescape Lights - Cloud Nine !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Bird Cage & Bird; [ free bird ] My Pet Birds Princess Edition Table
[ free bird ] My Pet Bird - Princess Birdcage v2.0
Also White Finch from Freebird :D
Rug; {PiPo} Little Sweet Pea <Rug> !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Chalk Board; Frogstar - Beary Board #7 Green Bear !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Bear; {Mango Cheeks} Busby Bear: Baby RARE !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!
Dresser; bh ~ le Paris c'est belle dresser (aqua) !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!


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