Friday, July 25, 2014

Slave to cute

Hey loves! I went to romp around at romp for a while and found some fun goodies I wanted to show you. In the midst of doing so, I realized I can't get away from adding elements of cute in to my outfits no matter how hard I try!!! ;~~; Me and my buddy from MotiAme were quite sad about it as I skittered around in Boom's outfit and kink dolly set. ;~; Leggings are from the Manga fair which is almost over so gogogo!! <3


Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Kinako in Chocolate by Rosy Mood !!New @ Hair Fair!!!
Siren Eyes in Tide Pool by Adored
Braces Teeth in Color by Shine
Brandee by loud mouth
Lip appliers by Adored
Blossom Lips Redux in Social Bunny Medium
S01 Kawaii eyelashes by FTL
Casual hands by Slink worn
Nails by Utopiah
My Handy Melty Claws in Candy !!New @ Cosmetics Fair!!
High feet by Slink worn
Nail Appliers by Alamesketro

Clothing Stuffs;
Loli Summer Set in Blush by Boom !!New @ Seasons Story!!
Thigh Corsets in White by Forever Young !!New @ Manga Fair!!!!
Rosa Pump in White by Muka !!New @ Project Limited!!

Extras && Accessories;

::Kink Set::
Dollhouse set in Sugar by Boom !!New @ Romp!!!
::Hair Bow::
Mosey hairbow in Petal by Boom !!New!!
Unhappy Plushie in Strawberry RARE by MotiAme !!New!!!
 Collar with Leash (Unscripted) in white by [LH] Halonai !!New @ Romp!!
Summer Speckles in More Speckles by Buzzeri
Star Upper Cheek by Pekka !!New @ Cosmetics Fair!!!

Poses by Nani @ Romp


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